the book about Disz1, from the Dutch Graffiti Library 2018

earlier on this blog, i posted a story about DISZ1 from Holland, who was the first guy from europe bombing trains in NYC. But he was not only a train bomber, documentarist, fotograf under his own label "Rudeboy Flicks" and van bode fanatic collector. He was a real great person in life. maybe other would say a real human. He used to live for a while in Berlin. Now the bad news is he passed away 6 years ago. The Dutch graffiti library maked it happen, to put a book together with his family, about DISZ1. its a very nice book, worth to check out and buy. the Dutch Graffiti Library wrote about latest book:
Proud but with respect we present: Disz. The first Dutch writer bombing the New York City subway. Finally after more than 30 years an answer to the question “What is a young man from The Hague doing bombing the one line in the 145th Street Tunnel with Bodé nudes?” asked in the book ‘Spraycan Art’ has arisen! A publication by Dutch Graffiti Library with quotes of Sae FC, West FC, Jean Badboyz Inc., Henry Chalfant and Jim Prigoff. After intensive research and determination, we have uncovered the startling and unique story of René Westhoff aka Disz. A life that unfortunately ended far too early in 2012, when Disz died at the age of 50. In the early 80s, Disz documented the graffiti culture and his own role in it and recorded this in unprecedented detail in his handwritten diaries and notes, supported by personally taken photos and sketches. <br/>Now available: hardcover, 192 pages, text in English. 
its European graffiti history. Rest in peace homeboy.( just click on the dutch graffiti library to jump)
Disz1 on Berlin S-train early 90ties

Disz1 on Berlin S-train early 90ties

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