even if Revok is copying Dtaggno...

The H&M case is serious. But i have to add that the idea/work that Revok had done (and then used by H&M for promotion)  is probably taken from a berlin writer called Dtagno. Dtaggno works from 10 years ago, really look the same style. He made his spray instrument in 2006-08 and one of the gallery stops he had, was at Ruttkowski68 gallery. And guess who had a solo show at Ruttkowski68 in 2015, Revok. So for me its clear that Revok copied this original idea from Dtaggno. But its not a shame because Dtaggno is a outstanding writer in the History of writing from Berlin. he belongs to the very best style writers and contemporary artists at the same time. more earlier works from Dtaggno on this blog here and here
Dtaggno's gadget.

Dtaggno using his gadget.
On "best damn art blog" they quote: Job Wouters and Roel Wouters show off a similar machine that they call the Rainbow Gun. In a demonstration of the tool, the duo spray the numbers 1234567 in a script font using the number of spray cans that correspond with the specific numeral. Coolest part? This video precedes Revok’s new series by 7 years. Another cool part?  In the description of the video, the Wouters pay respects to Daniel Tagno, a graffiti artist that also independently invented a similar tool in 2008 for the street.

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