No smart using of an image...

Its just again a sign of the times, the industry just let us no time to breath. We can do what we want, paint in the last corner of the city, behind hidden trees, they track us down. What does it all mean?! We wanted to like, again, to paint something for us. No sponsor, no rules. Just a statement, just what we want, what we love. Strange part of it is, when bringing out the poster, (to cover our own spray paint costs) all the graff-shops are concerning about the product itself, the poster, the weight and print quality of the poster, telling us from the professional graffiti selling point of view, that this Art-poster is about hard to sell. On the other hand the industry have no fear, to use this image, even if they have no rights to. They waste no time, they are not concerning about anything anymore. They just rip the shit out of this. They try to sell our souls, with their brand logo on top, as cheap as possible.... i will write within the next weeks more about the current situation about this topic, the situation in berlin and why we should take more care about our movement and who we dealing with, and maybe ask where we going to in the future.

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