if you liked what you have seen from 1up and ÜF crew, here comes the crazy trailer of Berlin Kids2 with even more adrenalin action.It is strange and at the same time beautifull to see for me that they still have the same habbits of painting and trainsurfing,like we had in our youth 30 years ago. The only difference is, we didnt documented it so straight in the end of the eighties. But i still remember the stunning news and pictures from Hamburg back in the days, of someone doing a breakdance-heli while surfing the roof. And today 2017, i must say i have sadly lost 3 friends by trainsurfing or surfing while doing outside tags, something that sounds later in age stupid when telling: he died by writing his name on the outside. But i cant avoid a kind of respekt for people who risk their life, just for little thrill, fun and getting up--

BERLIN KIDZ feat 1 U P - One United Über Power

Berlin is still full of crazy writers, the legacy of berlin Graffiti continues, while you maybe were sleeping...

Rocco und seine Brüder: Meistens Untergrund | Arte TRACKS

...our GHS brother Rocco and his brothers getting busy, as seen on tv.