workshop lessions snapshots 2015

...here are some small impressions from my work with the kids. Since many years i give, from time to time, lessions and speaks/talks/walks about graffiti, style and writing, and the surrounded linked topics in university and other hotspots. I also have a regular workshop for beginners, age 9 to 15, where i give lessions, tricks, do and dont's. To teach kids about graff and writing and helping them to execute is alot of fun...my best "student" is named Adam, 9years old and very talented. He choose for himself the name K.O.G., short version for "King of Graffiti". I suggested that maybe the name "Letro" fits better to him as a beginner then K.O.G.. Neverless, iam very proud of him, his talent, his progress and his first pieces.

working with the kids, age 8-10 years old...

Letro , Berlin 2015

K.O.G. by Letro, 2nd piece, berlin 2015

Letro, berlin 2015

K.O.G. by Letro, 3rd piece, berlin 2015

Letro aka King of Graffiti (maybe the next?) at work, berlin 2015

the finsih Letro piece, berlin 2015

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