Berlin Flashbacks serie with NECO 36ers-TGK

Today's Berlin Flashback is about Neco, 36ers-TGK (The Ghetto Kings). I like to introduce you a little but very important sidenote of the early West-Berlin Graffiti history. Neco is an native Kreuzberger with turkish roots, who started to wrote his original given name back in 1987. Together with a circle of close friends he formed a gang called 36 Boys. Neco formed the writing group of the gang called TGK. After some years, in the ally 90'ties, he stopped with writing to become a well known moviemaker later, the rest is history. Nice german Newspaper interview or check his Wikipedia were he is mentioned as the german Spike lee.
Neco, Berlin 1989 at Hallesches Tor - hallofFame

36 Boys by Neco and Rok, Berlin 1988 at Bundesplatz - hallof Fame ( On top of the number 3 a AERO signature by myself)

Neco between Möckernbrücke und Gleisdreieck trackside U1, Berlin 1989 (On top of NE a House signature by myself and note the SHOR signature, the first writer from Schöneberg who used a 62 postalcode behind his name mid/end 80'ties.)

Another Neco from 1989, at the legendary Bundesplatz hall.

36'ers with the joker by Neco, with small signatures from the 36'juniors in the background, in traffic at Schlesisches Tor ,U1 line Berlin 1990 ( Back then the line ended at Schlesiches Tor.)

another subherb Neco, just in blue, black and white highlights, from 1988 in Kreuzberg, Berlin

"36-This is our wall", Berlin subway 1989 by Neco and Migel

SSP by Neco, Berlin 1988 at Görlitzer Bahnhof-hall

another legendary subway line piece by Rok and Neco, trackside on the U1 between Möckernbrücke and Gleisdreieck. Berlin 1988

Neco at hallesches Tor- hall, Berlin 1989


Some & Poet @ Urban Syndromes 13 in Dresden, 2015

Poet @ Urban Syndromes 13, Dresden 2015

Some & Poet @ Urban Syndromes 13, Dresden 2015

another quick Poet @ Urban Syndromes 13, Dresden 2015

King's Quest Game by Phos4

20 years ago, Phos4 sketched up a little game called King's Quest, just for Fun i had to post it...
King's Quest Game by Phos4, berlin 1995


Poet in Neuss, 2015

another produktion with Emir and Nomad in Neuss, a city nearby Düsseldorf...

Poet in Neuss, 2015

Poet @ Bochum-Uni hall 2015

Together with EMIR, KNUT, NOMAD, WERT and KONT in Bochum City at the hall nearby University. one of the best halls in germany i guess..

work in progress. Bochum Uni-hall 2015

one day later work is still in progress, Bochum Uni-hall,2015
the finished Poet piece, R.i.p. MC GALLA of Filo Joes
Nomad ready to kill some Toys, Bochum Uni-hall, 2015

another fast one with the rest cans...,Poet in Bochum, 2015

walking with Brasil in Rio de Janero

greetings from Brasil, out of RIO. Seeing some Friends from Berlin-Kreuzberg in the back and another world famous SHOK...
GFA signature, 1Up and Shok in RIo, Brasil 2015


Poet 1995 S1-Linepiece replica on Miniwall

Another special artwork done for a collector. An replica of an famous 20years old Poet S1-linepiece, that is not existing anymore, on a Berlin Miniwall. For the look, i added also the Flash on top.
Poet S1-linepiece replica unfinished momentum
 finish Replica of an Poet S1-line piece from 1995,

Poet @ Klein gegen Groß TV- ARD gameshow

some months ago i did a job, for a popular saturday night tv show on the first programm (ARD) in germany called "Small vs. Tall". The show was on TV at 25.04.2015, one of the kids was introduced with their hobby writing Graffiti, to let it look more pro they hired me for a backdrop. more infos about Klein gegen Groß here  (German only)

Elias by Poet, Berlin 2015

the TV stage at Klein gegen Groß, Berlin 2015


Poet at the Bad Blood creative office and cafe

some months ago i painted some walls at the bad blood Cafe/creative office in Berlin-Neukölln. check the website of Bad blood clothing berlin out or here on Facebook.
Bad blood office, with my homie UFO 361
some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

some Tree of life details...by poet73

Gaschi Poster A3 by Poet 2015

A3 poster for Gaschi by Poet, 2015