METROIDZ group exibition at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin

For its first show of the year, Urban Spree Galerie has asked 20 top-of-the-line Berlin graffiti writers to customize a screen print based on a Berlin imaginary cityscape featuring the U-Bahn.

The drawing was designed by French artist Niklos and screen printed by Dolly Demoratti in her Urban Spree studios in an edition of 2 colors, black and 'yellow U-Bahn' on 270 gsm archival paper, in a large 100 x 70 cm format.

Against this backdrop, French photographer Thorfine, curator of the show, has asked 20 Berlin-based & still active graffiti writers to be part of the adventure and freely project their art and vision on the drawing.

20 artists, 20 prints, 20 visions of Berlin.

The resulting line-up is one of the strongest Berlin has to offer:

Fach - Trik - Spirit - Roza - 1UP Crew - Poet - Fino - Quis - Tour -Shade - Bas2 - Chika - Igid - Inka - Leroy - Roger - Pesd - Eshok -Stereo - Tin

The Metroidz series can be viewed as a historic slice of the Berlin subway graffiti culture of the past decade as well as a strong artistic manifesto for Berlin style writing, in a format never attempted before.

The 20 prints will be presented on Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at the Urban Spree Galerie, with 3 additional A/P prints hand painted by Niklos himself.

Niklos will draw directly on the gallery walls to create an original scenography for the print show.

The regular, 2 color edition print series will also be available at the galerie in a limited run of 20 prints.

Exhibition curated by Thorfine, supported by Montana Cans and The Grifters.

Vernissage; Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Urban Spree Galerie
Warschauer x Revaler Str.
10245 Berlin Friedrichshain
Doors: 19:00 – Free Entry
Afterparty with the Alphagang – 23:00 – 5€

Exhibition: 01-20 March, 2015
12:00 - 19:00 or by appointment

Metroidz Trailer from Urban Spree on Vimeo.

the flyer for the aftershow party...

the original/artwork print by www.Niklosbeach.com

Stereo 1UP-VMD getting busy...

berlin trainbomber ROSA getting busy...

Leroy CMD-GHS getting busy...