First Berlin Subway Wholecar 1989

West-Berlin in may 1989, after 3 months of starting hitting the subways in regular for the first time, by my old Partner Kage (GFA) and myself with pannels and e-to-es. I decided to show the pictures of our new hobby to Maxim (R.i.p). He came up with the idea to go one step further and said: "We have to do Wholecars". He asked me which lay-up would be the best for that and I reply Breitenbachstation lay-up. We setted up a meeting 3 days later and Maxim brought Asek (AC) with him. And so, we 3 went for this masterpiece (for 1989 in Berlin). This Wholecar was published, after more then 20 years for the first time, in the Documentary Unlike-U.
I have to notice, that on the right a t-to-b mushroom done by Maxim is not pictured, also the Wholecar is completely done with Marabou Buntlack, i mention this for Ces53 from Rotterdam, who once said in an interview, that we didn't know about Buntlack in Berlin, before they came to Berlin in 91.
International-Fame-Xpress by Maxim (R.i.p.), Asek and Sare aka Poet, Berlin 05.1989

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