groupshow @ Egbert Baque Contemporary Art, Berlin

ABRACADABRA, groupshow
Astonishing and intriguing, 
mesmerizing and thrilling surprise-summer-group-show
19 July – 30 August 2014 @ Egbert Baque Contemporary Art, 
Fasanenstraße 37, 10719 Berlin
 Abetz & Drescher,  Winston Chmielinski,  Neal Fox,  Giuseppe Gonella, Ivar Kaasik, Mrs. Chy,  
Wolfgang Neumann,  Tim Plamper,  Poet73 and Snapple

60cm miniatur Berlin wall in high glossy...

Special xtra-high glossy 60cm modell of the berlin wall, painted by Arunski&Poet for an art collector, Berlin 2014

Berlin Wall by Arunski&Poet, Berlin 2014


First Berlin Subway Wholecar 1989

West-Berlin in may 1989, after 3 months of starting hitting the subways in regular for the first time, by my old Partner Kage (GFA) and myself with pannels and e-to-es. I decided to show the pictures of our new hobby to Maxim (R.i.p). He came up with the idea to go one step further and said: "We have to do Wholecars". He asked me which lay-up would be the best for that and I reply Breitenbachstation lay-up. We setted up a meeting 3 days later and Maxim brought Asek (AC) with him. And so, we 3 went for this masterpiece (for 1989 in Berlin). This Wholecar was published, after more then 20 years for the first time, in the Documentary Unlike-U.
I have to notice, that on the right a t-to-b mushroom done by Maxim is not pictured, also the Wholecar is completely done with Marabou Buntlack, i mention this for Ces53 from Rotterdam, who once said in an interview, that we didn't know about Buntlack in Berlin, before they came to Berlin in 91.
International-Fame-Xpress by Maxim (R.i.p.), Asek and Sare aka Poet, Berlin 05.1989


Orbit, Dejoe, Poet and Wert, Berlin 2014

Orbit/SBB, Dejoe GFA/SBB, Poet GFA/TNB and Wert/NSIS (for a closer view, please click on the image)

Poet solo...

Poet at the Legacy hall, Berlin 2014

Poet, berlin 2014

recap: Yard 5 meets urban Spree

On the 19 of april 2014, Yard5 meets Urban Spree, was happening. An outdoor Graffiti jam + Indoor exhibition + Beatbox Contest + afterparty, with a nice Germanwide line-up + international guests and a even nicer Location, in Berlin. I painted a little wall outside, with ENTA from Hamburg and OGRE from Lyon, and showed some Style-canvases inside at the exhibition. Big up to Yard5 for organizing this huge event and the free entrance for everybody.

Flyer front..

Flyer back...
the entrance was for free....

Urban Spree Gallery Photo by Rolf G. Wackenberg
Urban Spree inside...

with Nomad from Hamburg on the left and Felix Gephart on the right....
Photo by Rolf .G.Wackenburg

Poet Canvas ,2014 (Photo by Rolf.G.Wackenburg)

Poet, 2014

Poet, 2014
the outdoor chill area in between the gallery (right) and the Graff walls (left)...

Foto by Rolf G. Wackenberg

the big main wall done by Nomad OBS/GFA and Drik TCK/RTZ...
the painting areal...foto by Rolf G.Wackenberg

the wall with Enta GFA/RSK, Poet GFA and Ogre MOAS/VIM

Poet solo...


Backjumps The live issue - 20th Anniversary

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