our new neighbours...

started to make me think alot, the last days...It seems that they are different, maybe not from here?!and they come in groups like an invasion. They dont rent, they buy, if there is a problem?! 

They have strange hobby's...and when they started to talk about: Streetart cool, Graffiti uncool. (of course when you see the pictures). And to argue that, in the end, we are all Berliners, just some new and old Berliners. ( we have even more in common, we are all from Afrika, it's proofed. 3rd Wave).  I could manage to escape from these Zombie's and in my mind came my childhood and if i should buildt myself a ...

...that protects me from bloodsucking Zombie's, like the Berlin wall did. As a kid, I couldn't understand the slogan of our east-german communist enemys: "The berlin wall is just an anti-capitalist-barrier"...

...Now i see this sentence in a whole different meaning. For example, the entrance of my Grandmother's house at Leuschnerdamm in front of the wall, was longtime Zombie safe...

...and i was also thinking alot about my old neighbours. I asked myself where these 2 young lady's find a new home?!


  1. Germany has one of the largest economies in Europe, and is one of the richest countries in Europe. Berlin is it's capital. It should come as no surprise to you that it is going to change. There is no other capital city in Europe, probably the world, where it isn't damn expensive to live! Berlin will eventually become the same. And unfortunately that means most of the things that make Berlin great will be forced out, or will die of natural causes and be replaced by shiny plastic things. Like these lovely ladies.
    The only real hope to save the city is to remove greed from every single human being on Earth. And that's gonna be near impossible. Can you remove your greed? Can Hip Hop remove it's greed for useless shit like Bling and box fresh sneakers? Until we get rid of our "wants" and live only with our "needs", the world will continue to be about money, fame, and power, and not about love, unity, togetherness, and having fun!!!
    We can save the city and the world, but first we have to save ourselves from the trap of greed and desire...

  2. thanks dave... The whole topic is pretty complicated. every human has a different definition of what, we need when. The new houseowners for example argue with the same words. U "wants" to stay here, then you "needs" to pay much more.
    Maybe iam too greedy not to be a slave, who is forced to follow the disaster. In the end it's ,in my opinion, not even the greed, that is the problem, because we get warned about our greed since the holy books. Humans or primitive people have already proved in the past, that they can deal with their greed.
    its more the system, were every single human and his existence is just turning into a produkt on the market, that feeds the greed. this cant be the future of the human race, because its a form of slavery. I think everybody know that going to vote the goverment, mean nothing anymore today. because its just not relevant anymore. Relevant is just what the big companies, the market and the banks decide.
    One thing i have also to mention at least: One of the absolute number one things of pushing the innercity gentrifikation in Berlin the last years was streetart. the whole existence of the so called streetart movement is controverse. all these hobby keith harring's imitating the 80'ties are just funny and fullfilling another emptyness and i dont mean you dave, im mean the monkey see, monkey do ones with the label streetart on their shirt.