Recap: Berlin's 33rd Long Night of Museums 2013

Here are some impressions from Arunski and Poet's show at the Generation13 Museum in Berlin's 33rd Long Night of Museums 2013, were some paintings out of the Legotds series are showed. See some of the artworks also displayed at the Molotow page after the jump...


Nomad, Poet and Enta, Hamburg 2013

Nomad, Poet and Enta, Hamburg 2013

Nomad, GFA-OBS-BASF, Hamburg 2013
Poet, GFA-RTZ-TNB, Hamburg 2013

Enta, GFA-RSK-BTN, Hamburg 2013


Church of Phonk @ ArtVillage/Berlin Festival 2013

 The "church of phonk" at the Artvillage on this years Berlin Festival at the old Airport Berlin-tempelhof. After the church was buildt, Atem and myself painted the fronts. If you wonna take a look inside or see more pictures of the artvillage and an interesting interview, about the story behind the Artvillage, with the curator Jan "yaneq" Kage on Artfridge (contemporary Artblogs Berlin/Cologne/London) after  the jump. 
Church of Phonk at Artvillage, Berlin Festival, 2013

Entrance of the church of phonk, by Atem, Berlin 2013

Church of Phonk by Poet, Berlin 2013 

Church of Phonk by Poet, Berlin 2013 
Yaneq, "the Pontiff"

 also check out the holy helpers procession :

Holy Helpers - A performance by Various & Gould from editude pictures on Vimeo.

Holy procession for data security and the preservation of earthly freedom and alternative cultures!
With a solemn and cheerful following, guided by Yaneq, the "pontiff of the Church of Phonk", the artist duo Various & Gould delivered four of their modern saints, for help and protection at certain locations in Berlin, such as the BND construction site (German Federal Intelligence Service) and the sold and vacated former Kunsthaus Tacheles.


Conturbanaries 19.-22.09.2013

Arunski and myself are represented in this exibition with a couple of works and 2 Shortfilms. check it out....after the jump

CONTURBANARIES 19.-22.09.2013