Berlin's 33rd Long Night of Museums

Generation13 presents: Arunski & Poet,  as part of the programm of the 33rd long night of Museums, hosted by the governing mayor Klaus Wowereit.
The Long Night of Museums is one of Berlin's most well-known events; it gives visitors from across the world a great overview of the museum landscape in Germany's capital. On August 31st, approximately 95 museums will open their doors to the public from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., showing their collections, exhibitions and offering guided tours and special programmes. The theme of this Long Night is »Young and Old« − in some museums you'll be greeted by young-and-old couples from mythology, in others by stories of family life in Berlin's upper classes and royal court, and still others by music hits that have left their mark on the generations.

Berlin Festival 2013

This year I contribute again the the ArtVillage with a work @ the BerlinFestival 2013 on the 6 + 7.9.2013.
Below i posted the official Berlin Festival trailer 2013 and another short impression from the ArtVillage last year 2012 at Berlin festival.