Flamejam 2002 doku

Here is a interesting doku about the Flame Jam from 2002 in Zurich (Swiss). With Interviews from Felsen the organiser of the jam. Phos4 about Freestyling, TAT's crew and some more writers. I already wrote some lines about the first trip from Phos4 and myself to Zurich here


Hamburg Heimfeld meeting 2013

                       2 pieces from me that were part of a big Produktion done in Hamburg last month...

... the total produktion done in Hamburg 2013, from one side...

and the other side...

... the first Poet is heavy metal, Hamburg 2013...

... the "Tree of life" by Poet, Hamburg 2013...

... and the second Poet in a more Organic Style, Hamburg 2013
A nice Video shot of that Produktion done by "da uMan eye", I found here ...

"death dynamics" canvas by Poet

Death Dynamics Canvas, 60x80cm, Poet, Berlin 2013

Tree of life feat. Magma man canvas, 2013

Tree of life feat. Magma man by Poet, canvas 60x80, Berlin 2013

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

Poet Wovenstyle wall 2013

..from a meeting together with Enta and Nomad. Cop81, Somey, Drik and Town in Berlin this spring.
Poet,  Berlin 2013

Woven-rail style mixture on canvas

Poet, 60x80cm canvas, Berlin 2012

Berlin from 35.000 km away

When i have guests in town and they go out at night, they often ask me : "How did i know if iam in the eastern or western part of Berlin?!". I always tell them_ "take a look at the streetlights. In the western part there are mostly white, in the eastern (ex-communist) part there are orange". On this picture you can like nowhere else, easily discover even after more than 20 years the course of the berlin wall that were surrounding West-Berlin back then.