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As you maybe heard Streetfiles.org went offline on the 30.04.2013. I quikly saved myself 3 atmosphere pictures that i liked and that are 20 years old.
The first is taken on S1-station Großgörschenstr. (nowadays Yorkstr.). The houses were not renovated since world war 2 and on the left you see the infamous Döner Kebap, where the writers Corner was located in Schöneberg. First the meeting point was on the station platform but then security started to kick us out, it was not anymore allowed to hang out on the station. "Take a train or leave the station", was the security slogan.
So the writers started to hang out in the front of the station on the street and at the Döner Kebap, were you could easily see the trains pass by the bridge.
This picture give me good memories and catches the feeling of that time perfectly. It was the time when i had every 50 meters a streetpiece in Schöneberg around 1993.
 Yorkstr. 1993, Photo by SF-member Pherz.
Another 2 very nice atmo pictures i found on the SF-account of "Collector". One from the S-1 line in Schöneberg, from the good times and one picture of an old pannel, maybe taken on Friedrichstr.?!.
Poet 1994, Photo by SF-member Collector

Poet 1993, Photo by SF-member Collector

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