Rockstars of Urban Art wall Berlin 2012

Another Production from 2012 for an soon upcoming Tv-series called "Rockstars of Urban Art". For this projekt i choose Mrs. CHY (RHG) for representing the female writers, KEEN (GHS) from London played the international part, he is also a member of a crew that is called Rocstars. And SOME was the Berlin legend in that trio. I wanted to have him shining, because his contribution in Berlin Style und Graffiti is often overlooked . He is an Berlin original, and was also the founder of SOScrew and gave many Berlin writers identity and Style like for example Odem, who denigrate him. The shoemaker always goes barefoot. Special thanks goes out to Skalitzer's Gallery 4 the support.
Mr.s Chy, Keen and Some. Background by Poet and Jack. Berlin 2012 (for a closer view, just click on the image)

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