Kreuzberg in the 70'ties and 80'ties

unbelievable today but reality in the 70'ties and 80'ties, the streets between the Subwaystations Görlitzer Bhf. and Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. Back in the seventies it was kind of a business of the houseowners, to keep the houses in that area unoccopied, most of the houses were getting burned down, to keep them unoccopied. So you had whole street blocks or whole areas looking like this in SouthEast Kreuzberg (SO36). So people started to squad some of the empty houses, like my parents who also grow up in this area. I still have some good memories from my childhood, like living in a apartment with no real entrance door and instead of Windows we had plastic foil and so on. Or strangers walking in and out in our appartment. Of course as a kid it was not so funny. It was just a crazy time. Below i found two short videos, where they tearing down some of the blocks and an anti-demonstration from Kreuzbergers. the third videos gives you a good feeling how it looked like back then generally in Kreuzberg, West-Berlin.

 I think everthing of this whole process exploided on the first of mai 1987 in Kreuzberg, where different problems came together and people unleashed all their fury in a big riot were people raid and burned down supermarkets and stores and even attack the firefighters. this shortmovie below trys to explain the situation and why it went like this(sorry only german language, but still worth to check it out)...

 The first of mai 1988 was even more violent, people started to fight only against the police. Some bigger police units were isolated in Kreuzberg and cut off from help. From 1600 police officers in service, were 346 police officers getted injured and 154 police cars were damaged.

most people say on the first of mai 1989 one year later, it was already over...

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