I dont believe you and Point of no return series

Here a some shots of the "I dont Believe You" series and the "Point of no Return"series, I did around my hood 10 years ago, as an direkt reaktion of the upcoming gentrifikation in my Neighborhood and all the talk, coming also from Quartiers-management, that it is good for us all when new people come to living here at Schlesisches Tor-Kreuzberg. They bring money and jobs that helps us all, was told. Ten years ago they came from all over Germany to exploy urban life in my hood, now they come from all over Europe to have a living at Schlesisches tor. 
In the meanwhile I had to move 2 times the appartment in the hood because the rent rises in one year over 30%, my aunt who had for over 2 decades a flowershop in the hood, is getting asked 2 times a week, when she gonna leave or sell her store, because someones wife is getting bored at home and she likes to open a cafe here. 
Actually it so funny to me, beside the tragic of the play with our exictense, they all come to see the Mythos Kreuzberg and try to be part of a reality, that didnt exist since a long time ago, no more. They run down the Streets and ougling each other and call them self Berliners. All our nextdoor neighbours on our floor, rent the appartments for just flying by for the weekend partys. I guess, they mostly looking out for Authenticity, thats what their own boring lifes are missing . They all follow a hype, that is mostly over and gone, because it was 20 years ago, but still we have to suffer for that party.

"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003
"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003
"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003

"Point of no return", Poet Berlin 2003

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