I dont believe you and Point of no return series

Here a some shots of the "I dont Believe You" series and the "Point of no Return"series, I did around my hood 10 years ago, as an direkt reaktion of the upcoming gentrifikation in my Neighborhood and all the talk, coming also from Quartiers-management, that it is good for us all when new people come to living here at Schlesisches Tor-Kreuzberg. They bring money and jobs that helps us all, was told. Ten years ago they came from all over Germany to exploy urban life in my hood, now they come from all over Europe to have a living at Schlesisches tor. 
In the meanwhile I had to move 2 times the appartment in the hood because the rent rises in one year over 30%, my aunt who had for over 2 decades a flowershop in the hood, is getting asked 2 times a week, when she gonna leave or sell her store, because someones wife is getting bored at home and she likes to open a cafe here. 
Actually it so funny to me, beside the tragic of the play with our exictense, they all come to see the Mythos Kreuzberg and try to be part of a reality, that didnt exist since a long time ago, no more. They run down the Streets and ougling each other and call them self Berliners. All our nextdoor neighbours on our floor, rent the appartments for just flying by for the weekend partys. I guess, they mostly looking out for Authenticity, thats what their own boring lifes are missing . They all follow a hype, that is mostly over and gone, because it was 20 years ago, but still we have to suffer for that party.

"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003
"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003
"I dont believe you", Poet Berlin 2003

"Point of no return", Poet Berlin 2003


Kreuzberg in the 70'ties and 80'ties

unbelievable today but reality in the 70'ties and 80'ties, the streets between the Subwaystations Görlitzer Bhf. and Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. Back in the seventies it was kind of a business of the houseowners, to keep the houses in that area unoccopied, most of the houses were getting burned down, to keep them unoccopied. So you had whole street blocks or whole areas looking like this in SouthEast Kreuzberg (SO36). So people started to squad some of the empty houses, like my parents who also grow up in this area. I still have some good memories from my childhood, like living in a apartment with no real entrance door and instead of Windows we had plastic foil and so on. Or strangers walking in and out in our appartment. Of course as a kid it was not so funny. It was just a crazy time. Below i found two short videos, where they tearing down some of the blocks and an anti-demonstration from Kreuzbergers. the third videos gives you a good feeling how it looked like back then generally in Kreuzberg, West-Berlin.

 I think everthing of this whole process exploided on the first of mai 1987 in Kreuzberg, where different problems came together and people unleashed all their fury in a big riot were people raid and burned down supermarkets and stores and even attack the firefighters. this shortmovie below trys to explain the situation and why it went like this(sorry only german language, but still worth to check it out)...

 The first of mai 1988 was even more violent, people started to fight only against the police. Some bigger police units were isolated in Kreuzberg and cut off from help. From 1600 police officers in service, were 346 police officers getted injured and 154 police cars were damaged.

most people say on the first of mai 1989 one year later, it was already over...


Rockstars of Urban Art wall Berlin 2012

Another Production from 2012 for an soon upcoming Tv-series called "Rockstars of Urban Art". For this projekt i choose Mrs. CHY (RHG) for representing the female writers, KEEN (GHS) from London played the international part, he is also a member of a crew that is called Rocstars. And SOME was the Berlin legend in that trio. I wanted to have him shining, because his contribution in Berlin Style und Graffiti is often overlooked . He is an Berlin original, and was also the founder of SOScrew and gave many Berlin writers identity and Style like for example Odem, who denigrate him. The shoemaker always goes barefoot. Special thanks goes out to Skalitzer's Gallery 4 the support.
Mr.s Chy, Keen and Some. Background by Poet and Jack. Berlin 2012 (for a closer view, just click on the image)


PWN THE WALL Vancouver/Berlin/Seoul 2012

PWN THE WALL was a digital graffiti intervention connecting Vancouver, Berlin, and Seoul,  Oct 12-14, 2012.  It was supported by the Goethe Institut’s Satellite program in Vancouver, and the Canada Council for the Arts.
A Project by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Graffiti Research Lab Canada, Graffiti Research Lab Germany, W2 Community Media Arts, Platoon Cultural Development and Revised Projects

PWN THE WALL was a 25 hour interactive digital graffiti event connecting Vancouver, Berlin, and Seoul. Created by GRL members in Canada, Germany, and South Korea, PWN THE WALL uses open-source technology to collapse geographical space through a real-time telematic exchange. Simultaneous live digital painting events in all three cities showcased local graffiti writers. The installation was interactive and open to the public for the duration of  PWN THE WALL.
PWN THE WALL continued our collaboration with German colleagues at GRL Germany. After working together to create ‘Light Rider’ (mobile projection bike) and Original G-Code (live drawing to 3-D fabrication system), our collectively-run groups developed the technology to produce digital graffiti that was live-streamed and re-projected, collapsing geographical space through a series of public events and ongoing interactive installations. GRL Canada Members include Jesse Scott & Mirae Rosner with Semiramis Ceylan, Hauke Altmann and Achim Kern comprising the main team at GRL Germany.
The final installation took the form of a networked 3-Channel video installation, with one interactive screen for each city, and two screens that represent real time updates from the interactive screens in the other two cities. During certain times, commissioned graffiti writers created custom pieces on the interactive wall, and these pieces were also projected on a much larger surface, drawing remote graffiti on the local, urban fabric.
We coded and produced and distributing this project exclusively through open-source tools and technologies. PWN THE WALL furthers our ongoing commitment to urban interventions that take graffiti into the digital age through open approaches to community and technology.

The screen setup from left to right: Vancouver, Berlin, Seoul...first I had to learn how to change the colors and the  caps on the one touch display. Once you got it, its like learning to bycicle

doin the first steps of trying out the lightcan...in a Dripmodus.

..the paint appear half second after pushing the cap, on the screen..best results came with using the Fatcap 

I started to go in Interconnection with the guys in Seoul on the right and also Vancouver on the left jumped in and so we started to do a collabo live painting, which is sadly not showed on these pictures, because the session took about 4 hours at all...

Platoon dogtag number. Iam very thankfull to been invited into this projekt, which was a new experince for me. Painting with digital light was alot of fun. Thanks to all the "back to the Graffiti-future" people from PWN and exspecially the Goethe-Institut for using their satellite in the orbit.

Goethe Satellite @ Graffiti Research Lab

first Poet in 2013 in Hamburg

The first Poet this year, in a Spiderweb- Snowflake crossover Style. Spiderweb and Snowflake i call two types of letter Style that have their very own characteristic but were similar in their ground construction. I was working alot the last weeks with both of them, so it was kind of interesting for me how a crossover would look like.
Poet in Hamburg, 2013
Inch,Enta,Drik,Nomad and Poet, Hamburg 2013 (for a closer view, just click on the image)

Umbrella-cut Style, Berlin 2012

Poet in a Umbrella-cut Style, Berlin 2012

Esor, Poet and Drik, Berlin 2012 (for a closer view,click on the image)

Poet Rooftops in Zurich (Swiss)

...found some missing Rooftop's, from one of a few trip's to Zurich (Swiss) ten years ago, in the net.

Poet and Chubs VTO-MOA, Zurich 2002

Poet and Igor VTO, Zurich 2002


Poet in Lyon (France) 2012

Poet in Lyon ,part1

Ogre and Poet, Lyon 2012

Poet , Lyon 2012

Ogre and Poet, Lyon 2012

Poet , Lyon 2012

Ogre, Poet and Bewo ,Lyon 2012

Dipl Tiws Poet Berlin 2012

Poet, Berlin 2012 

Dipl, Tiws from Copenhagen and Poet Berlin 2012( for a closer view, please click on the image)