Graffiti Rock party Berlin 2012

Some pictures of the entrance of the Comet club, where the Graffiti Rock Party was held in Berlin Kreuzberg. The entrance was painted by Berlin writers: Dejoe, Phos4, Me36, Cluck, Grab, Some, Apyr, Besh, Inka, Game, Fok and Some.
Graffiti Rock, the Party by Poet, Berlin 2012

Poet, Berlin 2012

TV5 Dokumentation “Voyages au bout de la nuit” (Berlin by night)

Preview of the Canadian TV5 Dokumentation “Voyages au bout de la nuit” (Berlin by night) here on Ilovegraffiti.de including a Installation by Various&Gould (Min 46.00) in Berlin Kreuzberg, Alias (Min 31.30) and Poet (Min 28.00) inklusive a short Interview after the jump

screenshot of  “Voyages au bout de la nuit” Berlin 2012

sketch for the coloring book no.3 from dokument press verlag

the sketch done for the Coloring book from dokument press verlag, 2012

Battle of Art Concept

Everybody know these fascinating battle scenes from the old hiphop movies, i guess. The opponents were facing each other. The breakers meet up at Roxy's or the Mc's that were battling on the basketball court. But what was up with the writers?. I can just remember that they were chasing each other in the tunnels and one was dying after a fight (Ramon?). Even in the movie Stylewars with Cap, it didn't look like they try to find a creativ peacefull solution.
So what i try to say is, that it never looked like that the writers accept, along themselves these peacefull solutions or rules, given by the hip hop world. But neverless, since I know battle's of the (Graffiti-)Writing world, i was always a huge fan of it. My first big battle was against the GFA crew, since them i became a member of GFA. Other battles followed against several writers in Berlin, also W4G 2003 and Montana Stylecombat 2005, in which we were also glorious.
But that is not really the reason why i really love those battle's, i prefer them because writers have 1000 different opinions about judging style and content, so if there is a guideline and a judge, that is accepted by all participants, that means already alot.
 One day i was asked from a very famous swiss artist, if I would like to join a battle of concept, with my 2 hand-Style. Since they realised that this, was something very special, unique and never seen before, they thought i would fit into this battle of concept. And yes indeed i did.
I had in this battle, with my pianting, to compete against powerpoint and laptop presentations and some really crazy concept's. The judges where famous people from the Artworld, but they had nothing to do with contemporary Art, I think. But neverless I ended up in the second place, the explanatory statement from one of the judges for this decision was like: "Graffiti is 80'ties, take a look at Banksy or Obey, they uplifted Graffiti on the next level already, thats why you are on the second place". Then i yelled that Stencil-and Posterart is not graffiti. Actually i dont even know why i replyed, the die is cast. Second place, first loser.
the flyer for the battle....

the winners explain their concept.

performing the 2 hand style

Idee of a Photograph exibition with action.

 fighting for a unconditioned basic income (my personal favorite)

to realize her concept, she needs 1 million euro.

this artist destroyed his own works, to revoke them from the artworld business

As i can remember, this guy putted very old paintings in a washmaschine and showed them after the washing as a relict (the framed painting on the right). His inspiration came from Christianity (Picture in the center)