Backjumps Junior Issue 2.0 Arunski & Poet

Our Berlin wall was actually a canvas. A canvas for the kids. For shure the kids of course don't know the meaning or put it better the dimension, thats behind this historical wall design, with the infamous roll on top. But the history part was not the point. With layed down markers in front of the wall, they knew instinctively what to do (like most writers do).And when one sign appeared, others followed. Nobody had a problem to paint over somebody's else work. Quit the contrary, quik exchanges of color and space happened between strangers. So, that's about instincts. I quit ask myself where the other instincts went. Maybe they never went away, they just came at least, as the result.  I will try to post within the next days a actuall  picture of the wall. Its not like, that anything went wrong. The result after 2 weeks is amazing. unbended power getting lost on every centimeter.
The pictures below are taken by Just from the opening of  the Backjumps the Junior Issue 2.. See more from the opening and the works of the other artists after the jump..

Arunski & Poet on the left and Phos4 on the right wall. Berlin 2012