Quik Puppet Poet in Vienna 2012

In Vienna (Austria), I met 25alive QUIK (RTW) from N.Y.C. and PUPPET from Stockholm, who belongs to the first writers from Sweden. It was the first time I run into Puppet, even I follow his works since the late 80'ties. Since then, he belongs to my very favorite writers from Europe. Always freshness, very skilled and paired with original ideas. Mostly Executted on a traditional writing basis.
Actually nowadays it was kind of refreshing for me, to paint with writers who have a fundamental handstyle, that is executed and formed over decades in detail and that is very personally but still also in a traditional sence. Their just pretty sure with what they are doing and at that day, in the beginning I was not pretty sure, with what I was doing.
I started do to some firstlines and by looking to the left, I saw the flavour of them. My Style felt for me like kind of apart of their work. It felt not like one production. I guess, It was more like a question of simplistic, composition and traditionality.
Onkel QUIk brought for me the 70'ties flavour and Puppet had these 80'ties euro-routines within his Style. So their inspired me to do something in that meaning. I tryed to remember, what kind of look or taste the ultimate piece had for me back in 1987. A kind of flavour that was for me, back in the days, a kind of modern and at the same time very classical and of course, neighter to execute for me.
So I tryed, the right balance with the outline and the black, so the colourfull fading also had more room and shine and where is nothing on concrete, there is always room for interpretation in the eye of the beholder (Oldschool-trick for subsequent Style discussion). The white and the fadings bring the pop. The style is just implied. You create a kind of airiness dusty Flavour, with letter parts that just appear and disapear. This Flavour was mostly simply gone around here, within the early 90'ties.
Quik, Puppet and Poet ,Vienna 2012(for a closer view, just click on the images)

Quik, Vienna 2012

Puppet, Vienna 2012
Poet, Vienna 2012

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