Poet @ "Stuck on the City"

For the "Stuck on the City" groupshow in Prague, I was choosen to represent Berlin Style and Writing. I had the intention to do a burner, that is catched in motions, like pictured in a follow-up reaction. For me, it was kind of natural to make a link with my Style and the Berlin wall. Even it is more than 20 years ago that the wall fall, i think it's my and our history. The younger history also of German's and Tschech's, that i wanted to remember.
In Europe we came from the walls, not from the trains. We came from political slogans and class-struggle graffiti. No matter if it was London, Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin. Our history is a wall culture of graffiti, going back to 500 years ago and even more.  With the rise of Hip hop we addopted the American Style writing. Basic design and development belonged to the Americans in places like Philadelphia or New York. New York style trainbombing became a worldwide movement, this movement addopted the rules once created by them. And this movement is still growing and evolving like a monster with 1000 heads. But only a few, in my opinion, don't repeat the old american letterstyles or trainconcepts. The question is for me, who and what we are as europeans, after 30 years of American Graffiti overhere. The answer can be only Stylewise. To understand, create and establish a own style that is original and unique. Many heads did and do it already, but 99% leave the letters to reach this goal. maybe it make it easier for them to communicate, maybe their dont feel conected.
But I like a style that shows evolution but has all the atributes of the classical writing attitude. One might say: writing your name is a fundamental part of American Graffiti. How can you write an alias or letters without calling it American Graffiti?! Yes i can, because its layed down also in the tradition of painting and in the tradition of Graffiti. American Graffiti is a part of the Graffiti history. Their stilistic influence is just a reflexion of their great artistic output. By now 2012, It's all about the attitude, the form of expression of this attitude is equal. Its the Attitute that connect old and new, that buildt and destroy.
Poet firstlines, Prague 2012 (Bates photocredit)

the finish Poet , the signatures in the background are done by the persons. (Smash137 is missed on this picture, he signed later.)

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