getting post from Shek TCF in 1992

found a nice picture from a trip to a little youthhouse hiphop jam in Wolfsburg, back in 1992. We went to this party with around 150 Berliners and of course the party went out of hand. I can remember beeing getted arrested in front of the jam for lightning a fire together with Saet62(TFB-GFA) and Croms(TFB-GHS), and then at the policestation, I just walked out because it was overcrowed with arrested berliners. Outside of the policestation some officers tryed to catch us, Shek and myself were running away but didn't know where to run to, so we decided to hide in a hallway of an appartmenthouse. We chilled there for about 2 hours and Shek (TCF) was killing the time with a marker...Spirit stands for Spirit of Style (SOS) our old crew.
Shek, Braunschweig 1992

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