East-Berlin footage from 1989

sometimes i check youtube, for old berlin trainfootage mostly between 1989-1994 because you find sometimes old trains running, which were really rare back in the end of the 80'ties. Sometimes you find interesting uploaded Video's, for example this one below. This Video has really catched my Attention, because its filmed in East-Berlin 3 months before the Communist System and the Iron Curtain broke together. For me as a West-Berliner (raised in the allied western part of the City), this video catched the Vibe, as I can remember when we went by ourself 2 months later to East-Berlin. Note the Subway with only 2 doors on one side, its built in the 1920'ties and this were the very last days of running on the System.

Read what the Filmer named Yolticat wrote:
"It was not allowed. To say I was noticed is an understatement...there was quite a reaction from the public, some warned me to be careful; others suggested I stop filming; some just interested. On an S-Bahn platform I was accosted by a soldier inviting me to put the camera away immediately! I decided to accept this invite. Returning across the frontier, I had separated the camera and the film cassette for safety. Throughout the whole day in East Berlin I had not seen another camcorder.

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