Crime TDC Berlin in 2012

Some days ago in a hall in Berlin, I was running into Crime TDC (the Denots Crew),who was painting an SOC for his sons. Crime is a West-Berlin Oldschool writer from the North of Berlin, who started in 1982 and probably one of the first Writers from West-Berlin who started doin Pieces.This ESCAPE Piece below was done on the west-Berlin side of the wall in the year 1985, by Crime and Desa from the TDCrew. They actually painted it at night back then, in the French sector from West-Berlin. That's why they have painted some french Gendarmerie on the right.
Escape by Crime,Desa and Crazy Color aka TDCrew, Berlin 1985 found here

Crime TDCrew, Berlin 2012
See the finish piece by Crime TDC here

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