VEN and POET 2012 Berlin

...going out with VEN from NYC, representing the original AOK style. Myself came along with Spiderweb-Style.
VEN and POET , Berlin 2012

VEN,  Berlin 2012

POET, Berlin 2012

LEVIN Jam 2012 in Vienna

On the first day of September 2012 , the LEVIN Jam is holded down in Vienna , (Austria) with an international line-up.
Levin jam flyer front

Levin Jam Flyer backside



I KNOW, IAM LATE BUT CKECK OUT BATES HIS SOLO SHOW IN STOCKHOLM Dates: 24 August – 13 September. HL Gallery/Store AT St Eriksgatan 64, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Unlike-U movie fullversion online

here is the Unlike-U movie online (with english subtitle), since this very good Documentary about Trainbombing in Berlin is banned. Its a shame that this movie is banned.


5 years BigChill wall Bremen 2012

..during the stay in Bremen for my Solo-Exibition, i had one day to paint and to celebrate a 5 years BigChill wall, together with BEAST from Amsterdam, KINE and SATO and some more writers from Bremen. I decided to paint a remake of some old characters, done by our Mentor Maxim R.i.P., which he painted in the 90'ties.( for a closer view, please click on the images).
Poet solo, Bremen 2012
Bremen 2012
Bremen, 2012
Poet, Bremen 2012
Beast from Amsterdam, Bremen 2012

Kine, Bremen 2012

Sato, Bremen 2012


Some and Poet in Dresden 2012

Together with Some SOS-RTZ from Berlin, visiting the Banditz crew in Dresden. Check the pieces from our last visit in Dresden 2010 here and here ...

Poet, Dresden 2012

Some piece without the 3 canvases, Dresden 2012

SOME, close up top of the E with canvas

SOME, close up of the center

SOME, close up S with canvas

Poet with the Cyclop Berlin 2012

Poet, Berlin 2012

Crime TDC Berlin in 2012

Some days ago in a hall in Berlin, I was running into Crime TDC (the Denots Crew),who was painting an SOC for his sons. Crime is a West-Berlin Oldschool writer from the North of Berlin, who started in 1982 and probably one of the first Writers from West-Berlin who started doin Pieces.This ESCAPE Piece below was done on the west-Berlin side of the wall in the year 1985, by Crime and Desa from the TDCrew. They actually painted it at night back then, in the French sector from West-Berlin. That's why they have painted some french Gendarmerie on the right.
Escape by Crime,Desa and Crazy Color aka TDCrew, Berlin 1985 found here

Crime TDCrew, Berlin 2012
See the finish piece by Crime TDC here


Drik and Somey, Brussels 2012

Drik from Berlin and Somey from Brussels together rockin a nice wall in Brussels, for a closer view please click on the image.
Drik and Somey, TCKcrew, Brussels 2012


S-train tattoo...why not?!

Berlin 2012

unfinished RTZ

By the post below, i wrote that we did the production spontanously. The reason was, that actually the day before Pro, Drik and me started a "Return 2 Zero" on this wall and we came to finished it up, when we saw that a toy crossed our unfinished production with rollerpaint. Just my unfinished Return and the half of pro's character was still there, the Zero by Drik was already gone but the toy who destroyed had learned a new lession...(for a closer view, please click on the image)
Return by Poet and the character by Pro176, Berlin 2012


Acut,Poet,Phos4 and Pro176

We decieded spontaneously to do a nice production with Acut, Phos4 and Pro176 on a sunny afternoon...For a closer view, please click on the images)
Acut, Poet, Phos4 and Pro, GFA-RTZ Berlin 2012

Acut, GFA-156-UMS, Berlin 2012

Poet, GFA-TCK-RTZ , Berlin 2012

Phos4, GFA-RTZ, Berlin 2012
Pro176 from Paris, RTZ-UB-GT, Berlin 2012

East-Berlin footage from 1989

sometimes i check youtube, for old berlin trainfootage mostly between 1989-1994 because you find sometimes old trains running, which were really rare back in the end of the 80'ties. Sometimes you find interesting uploaded Video's, for example this one below. This Video has really catched my Attention, because its filmed in East-Berlin 3 months before the Communist System and the Iron Curtain broke together. For me as a West-Berliner (raised in the allied western part of the City), this video catched the Vibe, as I can remember when we went by ourself 2 months later to East-Berlin. Note the Subway with only 2 doors on one side, its built in the 1920'ties and this were the very last days of running on the System.

Read what the Filmer named Yolticat wrote:
"It was not allowed. To say I was noticed is an understatement...there was quite a reaction from the public, some warned me to be careful; others suggested I stop filming; some just interested. On an S-Bahn platform I was accosted by a soldier inviting me to put the camera away immediately! I decided to accept this invite. Returning across the frontier, I had separated the camera and the film cassette for safety. Throughout the whole day in East Berlin I had not seen another camcorder.

Joe Conzo in Berlin 2012

Some days ago I run into Joe Conzo from NYC at the Yard5 store, who was promoting his fabulous and interesting book: Born in the Bronx ,that is from on now also available in German language. There is also a exclusiv "Born in the bronx" sweater in grey or black available or as black hoody at Yard5. Check this book out from a bronx hip hop historian, visit his homepage or his Facebook.
Joe Conzo at Yard5, Berlin 2012
Born in the Bronx book (German Version), Berlin 2012
Born in the Bronx book
Born in the Bronx book
Born in the Bronx book
Born in the Bronx book

Poet and Nomad for GFA 2012

Nomad (OBS-BASF-GFA) from Hamburg payed us a short visit some weeks ago, were we did a fast GFA produktion nearby the Eastside gallery. (for a closer view, please click on the images)
Poet and Nomad, GFA Berlin 2012

Poet and Nomad, GFA Berlin 2012

Eiszeit cinema job

Finally I took some pictures of a older paintingjob, that I did already 10 years ago, for the Eiszeit (Iceage) cinema in Berlin...
Eiszeit Kino by Poet, Berlin 2002

Cinema inside look by Poet, Berlin 2002