OBS check my favorite blog

I think this blog is at the moment my Favorite. Its still growing and OBS collect more and more stuff on their blog on wordpress. OBS stands for Outbreaks or like the name of their blog: OneBigStruggle. OBS are, in my opinion, one of the best current lettercrews worldwide, so check it out by yourself after the jump
OBS sketches

Poet, Dejoe and Chory in Warsaw, Poland 2012

another piece from Warsaw, Poland. Together with my partner Dejoe and my man Chory, representing the WTK and Ewoks crew...(for a closer view, please click on the images)
Poet, Warsaw-Poland 2012

Dejoe, Warsaw-Poland 2012

Chory, Warsaw-Poland 2012

Poet ...the outbreak

Poet, Berlin 2012


Poet with R2-D2 and C3-PO

 I guess this "P" is about 5 meters high?!. I dont know, its one of the bigger ones. Also i liked to give Starwars a little credit for entertaining my childhood. Of course i loved the Laurel and Hardy forgery. Pictures of the finsh wall will follow within the next days. (For a closer view, please click on the images.)
Poet, Berlin 2012

R2-D2 silhouette by Poet, Berlin 2012

C3-PO by Poet, Berlin 2012

Some, Poet, Keen and Wesp 2012

a simple one together with my Homies from the 80'ties: Keen from London, Some and Wesp...
Poet and Keen, Berlin 2012
Wesp, Berlin 2012

Some, Berlin 2012

Mare139, Poet and Inka

        going out with Mare139 from NYC and Inka. For a closer view, please click on the images.

Mare139 doing his firstlines...

doing the final touch...

the finished Mare139, Berlin 2012

Mare139 and Poet, Berlin 2012

Poet, Berlin 2012

Inka, Berlin 2012

Poet half letter, half planet, half star

getting busy with Inka, Shaw, Bewo from Lyon and Dipl....
rolling the wall..., Berlin 2012

Poet, Berlin 2012


Stay High149 R.i.P. tribute

Yesterday i did a spontanous tribute to Stayhigh149, one of the very early pioneers of Graffiti-Writing, when i heared that he sadly passed away. His Style and Idea's became worldwide a great inspiration for more than one Generation and he was, not only for the new Yorker's, one of the first rolemodels of the Writing movement. His state of mind maked him the "Voice of the Ghetto", for more about StayHigh149 check his homepage here, may he rest in Peace.
Stay High 149 R.i.P, by Poet, Berlin 2012

Maxim R.i.P. 13.06.2003

An old shot from 1990, my old Partner from day one Kage-GFA together with our mentor and the founder of GFA, Maxim R.i.P, who was sadly getting killed by a Rassist nine years ago.
Kage GFA and Maxim BKS-GFA, Berlin1990

Inka's Old sketchbook from 1993-96

Inka posted his old sketchbook with alot of dope sketches from all over, from the years 1993-96. check part1 , part2 and part3 after the jump...
Inka by Ruby, sketch 1996


Poet and Dejoe in Warsaw 2012

                          ...just a little Freestyle from Dejoe and me on small wall in Warsaw 2012.
Poet and Dejoe, GFA Warsaw 2012

Mare139 @ Skalitzers Gallery berlin


Opening Saturday 9th June, 19HR
Artist Talk Tuesday 12th June, 18HR

Skalitzers Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition in Berlin by renowned New York-based artist, Carlos Mare, aka Mare139 – one of the pioneers of the New York graffiti movement, and leading figures in the post-graffiti abstract movement.

Mare’s Bboy works marry the abstract, gestural nature of graffiti writing with the motion of the Bboy dance, effortlessly capturing the essence of the subject in new symbolic, linguistic, and spatial formulations.

Carlos Mare’s Bboy characters, so refined and visually direct, become coded representations of the dancer’s repertoire of movements and poses. In much the same way that staffed symbols are used to represent the written form of musical notation, so too the simple, gestural icons come to express a visual codification, a defined scale of available movements. – Robert Smith

Physical Graffiti: Art of the Bboy Dance is a culmination of Mare’s formative Bboy works since 2005 alongside a new body of paintings and drawings inspired by collaborations with Berlin writers, Bboy dancers and artists, including Amigo (Flying Steps), Storm and Jaybo Monk.

The B-Boy is the physical Graffiti artist, he is the lyrical and kinetic scratch, he is the break beat manifest, the most modern of all dancers. – Mare139

Join us at Skalitzers with the artist for the opening night on Saturday 9th June, and artist talk on Tuesday 12th June.

Exhibition 13th - 30th June 2012

Skalitzers Contemporary Art
Skalitzer Stasse 43
Kreuzberg, Berlin 10997
U1 Gorlitzer Bahnhof