"Wild-Poet-Style" Poet Canvases 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark autum 2011. Actually Bates and myself posted some links and pictures of some works, of the shows we had there together. But since i had forgotten my Camera in Copenhagen, i didnt had the chance to post some own flicks.
A three series Canvases, produced 2011 showed and sold in Copenhagen. A while ago i had done another work of Canvases, which i called " Flying E " Series. I liked to pick up the idea behind again, this time i wanted to have it even more confused and disordered, like not only let a letter flowin in, but more like have the Letters like an center in the rotating background.

"Black-Wildstyle" Poet, Berlin 2011

"Red- Wildstyle", Poet, Berlin 2011
"Pastel-Wildstyle" Poet, Berlin 2011

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