ReKollekt 9 Jahre PartyArty opening tonight

If you are tonight in Berlin, then check out the Openning of 9 years PartyArty with 40 Artists from around the globe. Arunski and me where showing for the first time our second shortmovie called "PennerGold". Where we throwed 1320 refund-bottles, (drinked by ourself and collected over 2 years in our studio), in the Entrance of a Subwaystation in Berlin. The Exibition is running from the 27.4. untill 17.6. 2012.


Poet Kens Drik 2012

"3-P" Poet, GFA-TCK, Berlin 2012

Poet-Kens-Drik, Berlin 2012 (for a closer view,please click on the image)


Poet in Barcelona 2012

Pro176 posted some days ago a production from Valencia, Spain. Here are two Pieces from that Spain Rivercanal-tour in Barcelona....
Poet, Barcelona 2012 (For a closer view, please click on the image)

Poet, Barcelona 2012

POET INKA Collabo Canvas 2011

POET and INKA, Canvas Berlin 2011


The books remind me of the fact, that the Writing Movement is a very Young Artmovement, existence since about 40 Years, but more and more Publications are setting the fundament and document the evolution of this Movement, that is more and more looking for unequalled opportunities.
A collection of a Graffiti historian...

another Poet piece from 2011

Poet, GFA-TCK-RTZ-TNB, Berlin 2011

"Wild-Poet-Style" Poet Canvases 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark autum 2011. Actually Bates and myself posted some links and pictures of some works, of the shows we had there together. But since i had forgotten my Camera in Copenhagen, i didnt had the chance to post some own flicks.
A three series Canvases, produced 2011 showed and sold in Copenhagen. A while ago i had done another work of Canvases, which i called " Flying E " Series. I liked to pick up the idea behind again, this time i wanted to have it even more confused and disordered, like not only let a letter flowin in, but more like have the Letters like an center in the rotating background.

"Black-Wildstyle" Poet, Berlin 2011

"Red- Wildstyle", Poet, Berlin 2011
"Pastel-Wildstyle" Poet, Berlin 2011

and some more Canvases from 2011...

Rally Poet, Berlin 2011 (for closer view, please click on the images)
Double Poet, Berlin 2011
Poet, Berlin 2011

Poet Canvas for Tiws, Copenhagen 2011

Chillin at Tiws crib, watching danish TV and painting a small Freestyle...
Poet, Canvas, Copenhagen 2011

Otto by Poet, on Berlin miniatur wall 2011

Otto by Poet, costum-made painted Berlin Miniatur Wall, Berlin 2011