T-kid170 and Jay1 in action Berlin 1994

Another picture from 1994, during T-Kid170 (TNB) first visit in Berlin. He did several walls with alot of writers during his first visit. I already wrote some lines about this topic here.
This is the wall with the GHS crew, who didnt liked to paint with T-kid in a hall, they would prefer a train. but they rollerpainted a wall alongside the tracks near S-bhf. Papestrasse (nowadays Südkreuz). Jay1 came also along this afternoon and painted the character in the T-kid piece.

Bisaz (GHS), T-Kid (TNB) and Jay1 (BBC) in action, Berlin 1994

Coloring Sketchbook No.3 from dokument press

check the new Graffiti Coloring book No.3 "International Styles", published by Dokument Press from Sweden, which includes a b/w Poet sketch to color in...

Sneakers mag 01/12 Poet Intv.

This is the January 2012 german-issue of Sneakers.  Where i had an six-pages Interview about the Air-max and Superstar Sneaker-paperboards i had painted.

Sneakers magazine, 01/2012

Poet interview, Sneakers mag. 01/2012

Poet interview, Sneakers mag. 01/2012

Another collage from a single Poet that i posted last autum. Finally i found the other pictures of that TCK wall. So here it is with Somey from Brussels and Drik...(for a closer view, please click on the image)

Poet, Somey and Drik, Berlin 2011


Amsterdam Impressions from 1987 part2

Some Oldschool Amsterdam impressions, taken in the year 1987. Of course some pieces are maybe done earlier...

Zonic 403, Amsterdam 1987
Jezis, Amsterdam 1987

Jone, Amsterdam 1985

Nova, Amsterdam 1987

Oase, Sense, Rhyme?, Amsterdam 1987

Pengo, Amsterdam 1987

Rhel? by Rhyme, Amsterdam 1987

Rhyme, Amsterdam 1987

Yob, Amsterdam 1987

Zap, Amsterdam 1987

Alien, Delta ect. Amsterdam 1987


Inka in Wholecar action 1990

This is a "early in the Morning, finishing up the car" shot from a very early Eis Dias wholecar from 1990, see the finish car here on Inka's blog.

Inka finishing up his top-to-bottom in 1990, Berlin

Amsterdam Impressions from 1987 part1

Some Oldschool Amsterdam impressions, taken in the year 1987. Of course some pieces are maybe done earlier...

Cat22, Shoe, Sens ect. Amsterdam 1987

Again, Ainar, Jerkal, Amsterdam 1987

Aliens, Amsterdam 1987

Zap, Aliens, Shoe, Amsterdam 1987

Benon, Amsterdam 1987

Cat22, Amsterdam 1987

Shark from Dortmund, Amsterdam 1987

Dare (first in public), Amsterdam 1987

Enjoy, Amsterdam 1987

Jaz, Amsterdam 1987

Amsterdam 1987

Gob Squad @ Berlin festival 2011

Some months ago i posted my Works for the Artvillage during the Berlin Festival 2011, holded down at the old Airport Berlin-Tempelhof. We were a big group of different artists from different Countrys, representing Art in its fully range. Actually me, iam a fan of nothing, but the work of Gob Squad maked me thinking and wonder at the same time, i liked the technic and the controverse circumstance that he worked with Food aka toast.

Gob Squad @ Berlin Festival 2011

Gob Squad @ Berlin Festival 2011

Gob Squad @ Berlin Festival 2011

Gob Squad @ Berlin Festival 2011

Gob Squad @ Berlin Festival 2011 and the finish portrait of Amy Winehouse R.i.P


Poet in Valencia, Spain 2012

Check the rest of the latest Production from Valencia at PRO (UB-RTZ) his new blog after the jump...

Poet, GFA-RTZ-TCK, Valencia 2012 (for a closer view, click on the image)

another big Production from 2011

In August last year i posted a single picture of the Hindenburg Poet, from a bigger TCK-GFA-OBS production. Here were the final flicks, with the other pieces...(for a closer view just click on the images)

A-Cut aka Acud, GFA-156-UMS, Berlin 2011
Inka, CMD, Berlin 2011

Dike, GFA-MGS, Berlin 2011

DIPL, Berlin 2011

Nomad, OBS-BASF, Berlin 2011

Poet, GFA-RTZ-TCK, Berlin 2011

Drik the Villain, TCK, Berlin 2011

TCK by Drik and Cop81, Berlin 2011

Esor by Cop81, TCK , Berlin 2011

FukU by Poet, GFA-RTZ-TCK Berlin 2011

Cop81, TCK ,Berlin 2011

The whole wall, Berlin 2011