Toke by Cemnoz FBI-MBG-TFP Munich 1988

A nice Toke piece by Cemnoz FBI-MBG-TFP from Munich in the year 1988. Very Dope colors and a cool mix I guess, between the classical New York 80'ties style flavour with a little typical 80'ties Amsterdam touch, where all the letters were layed down on a through letter beam, which in this case is cutted in the middle into two parts. I dont know in which meaning Cemnoz has used this kind or idea of style, but for many writers who come from the trains, they just liked on a wall the idea of a flat line to put their letters on, which imitates the flavour of pannel.

Toke by Cemnoz, FBI Munich 1988
Cemnoz is a real German Oldschool legend from Munich, and for me one of the most overlooked writers from Germany, maybe because he used to have a lot of alias names. But however, i think that he setted alot of standards in the early stages of the German and even European writing history. He was mostly always ahead of his time, whenever it were his concept and philosophy of bombing trains, painting characters or his big contribution of creating his own version of the so called 3-d style. Where the letter rotate or turn on its own axis.
Also his written knowledge about Style in generally, which is published (together with the workgroup StyleOnly) in the book "Theory of Style" from 1997,  and his text contribution from the 90'ties for the Backjumps magazine, are for me untill today one of the best publicated written theorys about Style writing.  Not for no reason, he is known today as "Der tote General"(the dead general)

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