Pack sketch by Phos4 1992

PACK sketch by PHOS4, from 1992. PACK was a name that was painted back in the days by PHOS4 and also by ODEM. When you take a closer look at the Style, you will see that every letter is done twice in one. This was back in the early 90'ties, for a certain time a kind of trademark of the Style of the SOS crew . I think PHOS4 was the first who came up with this idea in Berlin, of course he was not the first of this idea of doin letters twice in one . If you take a look at the book Subway Art you will find a KELfirst piece, with a big and a small E fusion. So what PHOS4 did, is he tryed to develope this idea more or less for a whole Style.  
Pack by Phos4, SOS-RTZ-GFA Berlin 1992

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