DHOR MGScrew 4 walls from the 90'ties

4 walls of DHOR MGScrew. He started around 1993 and belongs to the 3rd. generation of Berlin Writers. In 1995, together with DIKE (MGS-GFA), he started to gained his first fame with the crew ASM. In 1997 he formed, also together with DIKE, the crew MGS. In the end of 1997 the crew had reached the finally formation, which consists of DHOR, DIKE, CHIO (R.I.P.), QUER and JIM.
MGS stands for MAGIC'S or like CHIO's german version: Mutwillige Gemeinschaftliche Sachbeschädigung. During the end of the 90'ties they formed together with another like-minded Berliner crew called DRM a kind of alliance, which maked them together the most notorious trainbombers from Berlin, in the end of the 90'ties. The dead of CHIO under not really cleared circumstance, in the year 2000 and also the dead of RUZD (DRM) one year later sadly changed the situation for all of them. However, DHOR managed over the last decade, to be one of the most succesfull writers from Germany, who is working with the big Industry. For a closer view of the images, please click on them.

Dhor, MGS, Berlin 1998

Dhor, MGS, Berlin
Dhor, MGS, Berlin 1997

DH by Dhor, OR by Kacao77, Berlin 1997

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