Ces53 true Stylemaster in Munich 1991

 CES53, ( MSN-INC-RTA-VIM-MOA-STONE AGE) actually from Rotterdam (Netherlands), I found this piece in the year 1991 in Munich, on my way to take a look at the hall of fame called Heimeranplatz. It was the time when CES53 seemed to be for many, the very ultimate trainbomber in Europe. This was the first wall I saw from him and as I can remember, I was pretty surprised about his versatility when it comes to Style.
CES53, Munich 1991
And if we talk about, which European writers have had influence stylewise on the Berlin writing scene, in the 90'ties in general, then you have only 2 maybe 3 european writers from outside, that has to be quoted for sure. In the 80'ties you had for example, guys like SHOE and DELTA from Amsterdam, that had an effekt on the whole European scene, including the very first Berliner writer Generation (1982-1989). But when it comes to the 90'ties and the second generation of Berliner writers, then you have 2 keyfigures from outside. One is JAY1 from Paris, he had a major influence on the Berlin scene stylewise. And the other one is CES53 from Rotterdam.
CES53 was not to find on the walls of the Berlin Hall's, like JAY1. And he was not living in Berlin, like JAY1. CES53 just payed Berlin a 2 months visit in 1991 to bomb trains, mostly Wholecars. In a time when, the fall of the berlin wall was recently happen and the Berliner writers, mostly where focused on Pannels and Style on the East-Berlin trains. With his vision and concept of Top-to-bottom letters and wholecars, he convice and influence alot of Berlin trainbombers with his conception in 1991. So what JAY1 stood for the influence on letterstyles on the wall, CES53 stood for the influence on wholecar letters.
And if we go even more depth into the matter, when we talk about Influence and going way back in the Style thread, iam pretty sure that for example, T-KID170 have had at a certain point, an influence on JAY1. like SENTO on CES53. Don't get me wrong, Iam not talking about biting. Stylewise, influence dont have to be vissible or plausible, influence can be also how somebody is working with a flavor, a conception or arrangement. To be enhanced by or to be affected by another writer and to try to push the boundaries, makes the difference between straight biting or copying.

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