20 shots from Mauerpark hall 1996-99

Mauerpark hall, is a long wall on the backside of a sport stadion, in the district of Berlin Prenzlauer berg. After the fall of the famous Berlin wall, that was right in front of the stadion and the hall, Writers from West-Berlin just started in 1992 to paint this long wall. Inka has some flicks from that action on his blog here and here. Over the last 20 years it was not really legal to paint there but because of the location, nobody used to care about. Since they maked a kind of a little park out of it, drugdealers used that spot to make bisnezz and more and more trouble was around within time. Today it's Ilegal to paint there but the authorities can not really control the Situation. I took some older Pictures from in between 1996-99 when this hall had one it best times. For a closer view, please click on the images.

Yeah, Berlin 1999

Star, Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-BMQ, Berlin 1996

Kaos45 by Poet and Zasd, Berlin 1999

Phras, TDZ, Berlin 1999

Roger, KHC-DSF, Berlin 1999

Kripo, CBS, Berlin 1997

Hardcore88 by Taggno, A-ISM, Berlin 1996

Dj Dister , TRB, Berlin 1999
Frank, TCE-CK Berlin 1997?

Bass by Zasd, LTX (Charry by Flash), Berlin 1999

double Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB Berlin 1998

Fok by Flash, CMD-BMQ, Berlin 1997

Kide, Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB, Berlin 1997

Shaw, FLS, Berlin 1999
Jack, 0815 IND., Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB, Berlin 1998

Kerstin by Kesh???, GMS, Berlin 1998

Kish, TRB, Berlin 1998

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