Ces53 true Stylemaster in Munich 1991

 CES53, ( MSN-INC-RTA-VIM-MOA-STONE AGE) actually from Rotterdam (Netherlands), I found this piece in the year 1991 in Munich, on my way to take a look at the hall of fame called Heimeranplatz. It was the time when CES53 seemed to be for many, the very ultimate trainbomber in Europe. This was the first wall I saw from him and as I can remember, I was pretty surprised about his versatility when it comes to Style.
CES53, Munich 1991
And if we talk about, which European writers have had influence stylewise on the Berlin writing scene, in the 90'ties in general, then you have only 2 maybe 3 european writers from outside, that has to be quoted for sure. In the 80'ties you had for example, guys like SHOE and DELTA from Amsterdam, that had an effekt on the whole European scene, including the very first Berliner writer Generation (1982-1989). But when it comes to the 90'ties and the second generation of Berliner writers, then you have 2 keyfigures from outside. One is JAY1 from Paris, he had a major influence on the Berlin scene stylewise. And the other one is CES53 from Rotterdam.
CES53 was not to find on the walls of the Berlin Hall's, like JAY1. And he was not living in Berlin, like JAY1. CES53 just payed Berlin a 2 months visit in 1991 to bomb trains, mostly Wholecars. In a time when, the fall of the berlin wall was recently happen and the Berliner writers, mostly where focused on Pannels and Style on the East-Berlin trains. With his vision and concept of Top-to-bottom letters and wholecars, he convice and influence alot of Berlin trainbombers with his conception in 1991. So what JAY1 stood for the influence on letterstyles on the wall, CES53 stood for the influence on wholecar letters.
And if we go even more depth into the matter, when we talk about Influence and going way back in the Style thread, iam pretty sure that for example, T-KID170 have had at a certain point, an influence on JAY1. like SENTO on CES53. Don't get me wrong, Iam not talking about biting. Stylewise, influence dont have to be vissible or plausible, influence can be also how somebody is working with a flavor, a conception or arrangement. To be enhanced by or to be affected by another writer and to try to push the boundaries, makes the difference between straight biting or copying.


Zoro and Bibo S-line end90tie's

Zoro and Bibo on the S-line in Berlin-Treptow end 90ties's. Check the Zoro outline done in a sewn-look with little Z's...

Zoro and Bibo, S-line end 90tie's

Illegal Pin-boards in Zurich 1996

I took these pictures in 2006 in Zurich (Switzerland). In Berlin you can find pin-boards sometimes, on the street somewhere or mostly in every supermarket, where people like to pin or announcement that they want to sell or trade something. I found it kind of strange, when I was in Zurich, that it seemed like that there were already alot of slips of paper from years on this streetcorner and it also looked like if somebody is constantly removing these papers with patience.

Zurich, 2006

Zurich 2006

Pack sketch by Phos4 1992

PACK sketch by PHOS4, from 1992. PACK was a name that was painted back in the days by PHOS4 and also by ODEM. When you take a closer look at the Style, you will see that every letter is done twice in one. This was back in the early 90'ties, for a certain time a kind of trademark of the Style of the SOS crew . I think PHOS4 was the first who came up with this idea in Berlin, of course he was not the first of this idea of doin letters twice in one . If you take a look at the book Subway Art you will find a KELfirst piece, with a big and a small E fusion. So what PHOS4 did, is he tryed to develope this idea more or less for a whole Style.  
Pack by Phos4, SOS-RTZ-GFA Berlin 1992

Toke by Cemnoz FBI-MBG-TFP Munich 1988

A nice Toke piece by Cemnoz FBI-MBG-TFP from Munich in the year 1988. Very Dope colors and a cool mix I guess, between the classical New York 80'ties style flavour with a little typical 80'ties Amsterdam touch, where all the letters were layed down on a through letter beam, which in this case is cutted in the middle into two parts. I dont know in which meaning Cemnoz has used this kind or idea of style, but for many writers who come from the trains, they just liked on a wall the idea of a flat line to put their letters on, which imitates the flavour of pannel.

Toke by Cemnoz, FBI Munich 1988
Cemnoz is a real German Oldschool legend from Munich, and for me one of the most overlooked writers from Germany, maybe because he used to have a lot of alias names. But however, i think that he setted alot of standards in the early stages of the German and even European writing history. He was mostly always ahead of his time, whenever it were his concept and philosophy of bombing trains, painting characters or his big contribution of creating his own version of the so called 3-d style. Where the letter rotate or turn on its own axis.
Also his written knowledge about Style in generally, which is published (together with the workgroup StyleOnly) in the book "Theory of Style" from 1997,  and his text contribution from the 90'ties for the Backjumps magazine, are for me untill today one of the best publicated written theorys about Style writing.  Not for no reason, he is known today as "Der tote General"(the dead general)


Amsterdam Subway early 90'ties VHS footage Part 3

Acid War, early ninetees vhs footage on the Dutch graff scene. Filmed and edited by Sort (LIL) and Asic (Leiden). Music mixed by DJ Mass. Relive the Amsterdam subway scene in it's golden age....this is part 3 "The Buff" out of 6 , check out also the other dope history parts after the jump


Bates/Poet Collabo canvas and more on Lauritz.com

Another Collabo Canvas from Bates and me for the "Off the wall" showcase that took part in Copenhagen, as a follow-up from the "Streets of Copenhagen" Exibition. On this Canvas with Bates, I had the idea of doin a 2 multilayer poet sketches.
Some of the works are now Available on sale at  Lauritz.com, (Auctions of art, design, antiques and home luxury).  This is one fine chance to get a canvas from me and the others participants, like Bates, Great or Soten for maybe a much cheaper price than the regular Gallery price, when you are fast enough!. The auction ends tomorrow Thursday 16.2 and some works end on 17.2 Friday. Take a look and If you are Interested in one or another offering you can bid here.

Bates and Poet Collabo Canvas, 2011 on Auction sale at lauritz.com


Basic NEW ??? Berlin S-train 1991

This is a picture I took in the year 1991, out of a driving train that passed the big Lichtenberg yard in the east of Berlin. I guess this train was waiting to roll straight inside the buff. I dont know who has this single piece done, but he wrote next to his piece: "dark and panic". For sure, stylewise this guy was no Berliner, maybe he was from Munich, Netherlands or Denmark. (For a closer view, please click on the image.)

Basic, NEW ???, Berlin 1991


Sento TFP on Rome Subway 2005

10th by Sento, TFP, Rome 2005 (special thanks to Kripo-CBS, Berlin)

RCB-AC S-Train Berlin 1995

RCB and AC, Berlin 1995

Sake P.ofC. Berlin S-line 1989-91

SAKE is another legendary writer for many in the south of West-Berlin. He never became so famous in Berlin, like his old partner STUS (later TFB) or other members of his crew P.ofC. like BISAZ (later GHS), but he was a great inspiration for many of the second generation of Berlin Writers in South-West Berlin. P.ofC., stands for Partners of Crime, they did the first Subway Whole Train in Berlin, check the link for the Video of that action.

Sake P.ofC. ,Berlin S-1line 1989

Sake P.ofC. ,Berlin S-1line 1991

Smear and Kripo Berlin 1999

Smear TOL and Kripo CBS, Berlin 1999 (for a closer view,please click on the image)

DHOR MGScrew 4 walls from the 90'ties

4 walls of DHOR MGScrew. He started around 1993 and belongs to the 3rd. generation of Berlin Writers. In 1995, together with DIKE (MGS-GFA), he started to gained his first fame with the crew ASM. In 1997 he formed, also together with DIKE, the crew MGS. In the end of 1997 the crew had reached the finally formation, which consists of DHOR, DIKE, CHIO (R.I.P.), QUER and JIM.
MGS stands for MAGIC'S or like CHIO's german version: Mutwillige Gemeinschaftliche Sachbeschädigung. During the end of the 90'ties they formed together with another like-minded Berliner crew called DRM a kind of alliance, which maked them together the most notorious trainbombers from Berlin, in the end of the 90'ties. The dead of CHIO under not really cleared circumstance, in the year 2000 and also the dead of RUZD (DRM) one year later sadly changed the situation for all of them. However, DHOR managed over the last decade, to be one of the most succesfull writers from Germany, who is working with the big Industry. For a closer view of the images, please click on them.

Dhor, MGS, Berlin 1998

Dhor, MGS, Berlin
Dhor, MGS, Berlin 1997

DH by Dhor, OR by Kacao77, Berlin 1997

20 shots from Mauerpark hall 1996-99

Mauerpark hall, is a long wall on the backside of a sport stadion, in the district of Berlin Prenzlauer berg. After the fall of the famous Berlin wall, that was right in front of the stadion and the hall, Writers from West-Berlin just started in 1992 to paint this long wall. Inka has some flicks from that action on his blog here and here. Over the last 20 years it was not really legal to paint there but because of the location, nobody used to care about. Since they maked a kind of a little park out of it, drugdealers used that spot to make bisnezz and more and more trouble was around within time. Today it's Ilegal to paint there but the authorities can not really control the Situation. I took some older Pictures from in between 1996-99 when this hall had one it best times. For a closer view, please click on the images.

Yeah, Berlin 1999

Star, Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-BMQ, Berlin 1996

Kaos45 by Poet and Zasd, Berlin 1999

Phras, TDZ, Berlin 1999

Roger, KHC-DSF, Berlin 1999

Kripo, CBS, Berlin 1997

Hardcore88 by Taggno, A-ISM, Berlin 1996

Dj Dister , TRB, Berlin 1999
Frank, TCE-CK Berlin 1997?

Bass by Zasd, LTX (Charry by Flash), Berlin 1999

double Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB Berlin 1998

Fok by Flash, CMD-BMQ, Berlin 1997

Kide, Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB, Berlin 1997

Shaw, FLS, Berlin 1999
Jack, 0815 IND., Berlin 1999

Kaos45 by Poet, GFA-TNB, Berlin 1998

Kerstin by Kesh???, GMS, Berlin 1998

Kish, TRB, Berlin 1998


2012 and still a wise fool

its 2012 and iam still looking for my very own Style of writing Letters. Drawing everyday is a must, even after 25 years of nonstop writing, at least 2 hours a day is the bottom line of beeing successfull and staying in shape stylewise. To push my Limit's iam drinking alot of Milk and doin 100 push-up's before drawing.

Smoking P sketch, Berlin 2012 (For a closer view, please click on the image)