Copenhagen line pieces 1988 part2

After part 1, here is part2 from Copenhagen, trainline impressions from Hellerup and Ishoj, in the year 1988. On top is a piece from DEREK and CATCH, a nice SPOT (even when he painted over FREEZ and DIMMER), ICE and JOS. A funky fresh TEST (R.i.P) and CEN and CES blocks. On the third picture you can discover some GREAT and BATES tags in the background. Who also recieve credits for the info's. (For a closer view,please click on the images)

STENE or SCENE? by DEREK and CATCH, Copenhagen Ishoj 1988

ICE, JOZ and SPOT, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

TEST (Rip), ICE and TEAR, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

STAR, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

EAR, ICE and JOS, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

CEN and CES, Copenhagen Ishoj 1988

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