11 times trash from Munich 1989

Eleven pictures from some Trash trains, from Munich in the year 1989. I know, these are not the burners maybe you expext to see nowadays, but I choose some trash from Munich 1989, because I think some of the Styles and Elements are good examples for simple, compressed and lowly Letters. A European Style trait from the 80'ties, with thick and short letter bars, where I think, it is a result of DONDI's and his followers from Paris and Amsterdam, heavy influence on the first European generation of Writers. More and more Styles appear over the last years, where you could discover some Writers, doin exactly this kind of Retro 80ties flavour. (For a closer view, please click on the images)
ZOAT and SCIT, Munich 1989

ZEMENT, Munich 1989

SECism, Munich 1989

CARO, Munich 1989

TEAK, Munich 1989

OSCAR, Munich 1989

WAK, Munich 1989

SHEI, Munich 1989
TOSE91, Munich 1989

SCIT, Munich 1989

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