PART TDS the legend at Yard5show: The Fence in April..

SKES-MING-SIM Wholecar mid90ties

Some Nightshots from a mid90ties Berlin S-train Wholecar, with a black painted background...here i found a dayshot in the net.

SKES and MING, Berlin S-train mid90'ties
SIM, Berlin S-train mid90'ties (for a closer view, please click on the image)


POME Wholecar Berlin 1995

POME from Berlin, finishing up his Car at Daytime, Berlin 1995

"The earths edge" wall in London 1987

Here are 3 pictures from the infamous wall nearby the Trellick towers estate, located in West London from the year 1988. I know, its hard to discover the Styles on the small pictures, that were done by the NONSTOP crew members:  CAINE 1, FADE 2, RICH, RAGE and STATE of ART.
The wall was called "The earths edge" and originaly painted in early 1987. Some of the NONSTOP members still paint from time to time. Today the top part of the wall is only visible from what is left over after 25 years and still many writers from London think that this wall is one of the baddest walls ever done on this island.
As KEEN from London quoted: "This crew never got the props yet they deserved... They were more advanced than the Crome Angels and they were 100% English... Real underground Kings of Style".

The earths edge wall, London 1987 (for a closer view,please click on the images)

The earths edge wall, London 1987

The earths edge wall, London 1987

CLAUDIA from Dortmund...

a while ago, BRASIL, a GFA brother from Bochum sended me this link from the local newspaper. Its about a old man who took a young girl as hostage with a gun at the Düsseldorf Centralstation. When the police forced him to give up, he tryed to shoot the girl in the head. Its the same Guy, who painted back in the 80'ties everywhere in Dortmund the name CLAUDIA, to improof his love.

All three pictures via..

SIM crew Berlin subway pannel 1998

SIM crew, Berlin Subway1998

crazy WON from Munich in 1988

I even dont know how to describe my Faszination about this writer from Munich, this is just a picture of one work of WON, ABCcrew from the Year 1988. His work and talent is and was always outstanding, like the ones from HEX and SLICK, you can't bite his shit, without getting exposed. (For a closer view, please click on the image).

WON, Munich 1988 (for a closer view, please click on the image)

2 times GEL on Berlin S-train mid 90'ties

GEL from East-Berlin representing LofD and BFM on the Berlin S-train mid 90'ties. (for a closer view, please click on the images)

GEL, Berlin 1996

HOK and GEL, Berlin 1998

GOLD sketch by ZEPHYR early 90'ties

GOLD by ZEPHYR, NYC early 90'ties (for a closer view, please click on the image)

NELK pannel Berlin mid90'ties

NELK from Berlin, mid 90'ties. More NELK on this blog after the jump...
NELK, Berlin mid90'ties (for a closer view please click on the image).

RAGE KMB-DRM in Berlin 1999

Here were some older RAGE (KMB-DRM crew) styles from Berlin, in the year 1999. He is one of the most interesting writers from Berlin in the past Years, since his personal advancement, in reverence to Quality and Quantity. (for a closer view, please click on the images)

RAGE, Berlin 1999

RAGE, Berlin 1999

RAGE, Berlin 1999

MRN crew mid90'ties

...time for some MRN classics from the 90'ties. More MRN flicks on this blog here and here. (for a closer view, please click on the images)

CATS and KOCS, MRN Steeltrain in Frankfurt (Main), 1998

GhostCityKannibals and CamelBomb, Berlin 1994

KEMEL MRN, Berlin early 90'ties

Berlin trains timetable

This is an old Board where you could see the dates, when which trainmodel was buildt. My personal Favorite was and will be ever the model BR475, (check the link for the history and dates of that model). The BR475 Model was buildt in between 1928-32 and modified running untill december 1997. Here is the last ride of that Model from the year 1997.
More old trainfootage Atmo here and here. Also a short clip about the History of the Station Friedrichstr, where in the summer of 1989 untill 1997, the infamous Berlin writercorner was located. And one clip from Friedrichstr, in the year 1990, right after the fall of the berlin Wall.
Timetable of the Berlin S-train History

VULCAN TAT's train NYC mid80'ties

 VULCAN , NYC mid 80'ties (for a closer view, please click on the image)


Artyfakte 2012 exibition

On this Exibition, there will be parts of the work showed, that were done in the ARTvillage, on the Berlin Festival, 2011.


VAM 2QUIK Subway wholecar 1997

VAM  (TVU-DB) and 2QUIK by LEVEL (OCB-GHS), in the year 1997. VAM was a hardcore bomber from my old Neighborhood and also for a long time the Partner of LYTE (RCB). This car from another angle. More VAM here, here and here. (For a closer view, please click on the image)
VAM and 2QUIK, Subway Wholecar 1997


Copenhagen line pieces 1988 part2

After part 1, here is part2 from Copenhagen, trainline impressions from Hellerup and Ishoj, in the year 1988. On top is a piece from DEREK and CATCH, a nice SPOT (even when he painted over FREEZ and DIMMER), ICE and JOS. A funky fresh TEST (R.i.P) and CEN and CES blocks. On the third picture you can discover some GREAT and BATES tags in the background. Who also recieve credits for the info's. (For a closer view,please click on the images)

STENE or SCENE? by DEREK and CATCH, Copenhagen Ishoj 1988

ICE, JOZ and SPOT, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

TEST (Rip), ICE and TEAR, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

STAR, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

EAR, ICE and JOS, Copenhagen hellerup 1988

CEN and CES, Copenhagen Ishoj 1988

11 times trash from Munich 1989

Eleven pictures from some Trash trains, from Munich in the year 1989. I know, these are not the burners maybe you expext to see nowadays, but I choose some trash from Munich 1989, because I think some of the Styles and Elements are good examples for simple, compressed and lowly Letters. A European Style trait from the 80'ties, with thick and short letter bars, where I think, it is a result of DONDI's and his followers from Paris and Amsterdam, heavy influence on the first European generation of Writers. More and more Styles appear over the last years, where you could discover some Writers, doin exactly this kind of Retro 80ties flavour. (For a closer view, please click on the images)
ZOAT and SCIT, Munich 1989

ZEMENT, Munich 1989

SECism, Munich 1989

CARO, Munich 1989

TEAK, Munich 1989

OSCAR, Munich 1989

WAK, Munich 1989

SHEI, Munich 1989
TOSE91, Munich 1989

SCIT, Munich 1989

SHEN, Cologne Oldschool 1988 part2

again some more Oldschool stuff with SHEN from Cologne, Germany, check the lines and part1...

for the incredible TYZE, Cologne 1988

Partners in Crime, Cologne 1988

Shen, Cologne 1988 (for a closer view, please click on the images)

PHOS4 and EAST first train in 1991

PHOS4 (GFA-RTZ-SOS) his first train, together with EAST 62 (UTS) who did also his first and SOR6 in the winter 1990-91. (For a closer view, please click on the images)

PHOS4,  Berlin S-train 1991

EAST 62 and SOR6, Berlin S-train 1991

SKKI BBC aka EDWAR aka DOE ...20years ago

4 times SKKI aka EDWAR aka DOE from Paris in the years 1988-89. Futuristic and Dangerous, BBC knowledge to the fullest. More SKKI BBC joints on this blog here and here. (For a closer view, please click on the images.)

DOE aka SKKI aka EDWAR, Berlin Wall 1988

SKKI aka DOE, Berlin Hallesches Tor 1989 (the missing JAY1 next to it)

SKKI on top and downunder BOMB by LOKISS, Paris 1988

SKKI aka EDWAR, Berlin Bundesplatz hall 1989