15 bombs from CUSAK aka SAK35 from East-Berlin end90'ties

Maybe you never heard of CUSAK35 before?!. Maybe you are not from Berlin or maybe you were too young 15 years ago?! Maybe you weren't looking up to the sky or at a hole in the brickwall?!. Maybe it all doesnt matter after all the years?!. Anyway here are 15 bombs from CUSAK35 aka SAK35 representing the MTA and BNDcrew from East-Berlin in the 90'ties. (For a closer view of the images, please click on them).

MTA and SAK35, Berlin 1998

SAK35, Berlin 1996

BND and SAK35, Berlin 1997

SAK35, interregio train, Leipzig 1998

SAK35, DNS, DRM, YES and others, Berlin 1999

SAK35, Berlin 1998

DRQ and SAK35, Berlin 1998

Prins137 and SAK35, Berlin 1999

CUSAK35, 1998

SAK, Berlin 1998

SAK35 and DAD, 1995

SAK35, Berlin 1998

CUSAK35 and VZA, Berlin 1998

SAK35, Berlin 1999

SAK35, Berlin 1998

SAK35 and TCQ, Berlin 1999

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