WESP pannel in 1993

This is the last post for 2011. I wish you all the best for 2012. Keep holding on your dreams. Happy New Year to all our friends, from the GFA-GHS Family Berlin and thank you, for what ever...

Wesp, S-train Berlin 1993

KLM Kids Amsterdam 1988

KLM Kids, Amsterdam 1988 (for a closer view, please click on the image)

Berlin Subway Flavour 1990

BISAZ, SOME and NECO in the year 1990, the time where the transit company in Berlin had to exchange Subway tracks above ground. They couldn't buff for some months several trains, on the U1 line, during the construction works in 1990. The SOME wholecar without Bisaz and closer. (For a closer view, please click on the image)

 BISAZ, SOME, NECO , Berlin U1-Subway 1990

POEM, AMOK and BEAT Wholecar 1991

German oldschool united on a steeltrain, Poem by LOOMIT from Munich, AMOK from Berlin and the Beat must be from BOMBER from Frankfurt, in the year 1991. (For a closer view of the Image, please click on it)

Poem,Amok and Beat, Steeltrain Wholecar 1991

SHOW RTA in Munich 1988

SHOW from Hamburg representing the legendary RTA (Real Transit Artists) in Munich in the year 1988. (For a closer view, please click on the image).

RTA-SHOW, Munich 1988


Study of Style 1994 with the word Science

Adrian Nabi, founder of the Backjumps 'Aerosoul Art and more' magazin , had in the year 1994 a "Backjumps: Study of Style" show organized in Berlin, where 5 well known writers noted for Style, had showed their interpretation on paper of the word SCIENCE. (For a closer view, please click on the images.)
Science by DELTA, Sketch Amsterdam 1994

Science by JAY1, Sketch Paris 1994

Science by KANE, Sketch Heidelberg 1994

Science by T-kid170, Sketch NYC 1994

Science by ODEM, Sketch Berlin 1994

CAP (piece) and FUZZ1 in 1990

CAP (MPC), known from the movie "Stylewars" and FUZZ1 from New York City in the year 1990. I think this is, one of the few rare CAP pieces that he did. ( For a closer view, please click on the image)

CAP and FUZZ, NYC 1990

hyst by TOY, Munich mid80'ties

hyst by TOY from Munich, early-mid 80'ties. As i can remember i think TOY was an really old alias of LOOMIT. Be that as it may, i really like the Style of the Letters.

hyst by TOY, Munich 1985

Fuck Fuck Berlin S-train 1995

Fuck Fuck, Berlin 1995 (For a closer view, please click on the image)

DAZO sketches by AMOK and JAY1 1989

DAZO is a writer from North-Berlin, who did back in the days a few pieces. The sketches were done by AMOK from Berlin and JAY1 from Paris, during the first longer stay of the BBCrew from Paris in West-Berlin in the year 1989. (For a closer view, please click on the image.)

DAZO by AMOK, Sketch  Berlin 1989

DAZO by JAY1, Sketch Berlin 1989

Merry Christmas 1989 and 1992


ASEM (RHG) Writing Queen of Berlin...

ASEM aka KYRA, from the REAL HOME GIRLS crew from Berlin started doin her first Tags in the year 1990. In the year 1991 ASEM establish together with T-SET the girls only crew RHG in Berlin. Female members back then were: YVES, LUZY4, CANDY, VIOLA and ASTY. Also MARIA and Mrs. QUIX had a short appearance in the RHGcrew.
In the 90'ties several female Writing crews were given each other hard competition in Berlin. You had female crews like CL (Crime Lady's) or TMC (The Monster Crew), but the most up girls back then were KSB (King Size Banditz). Over the years RHG took over with nice mural productions and some trains. RHG is now 20 years old and the women that where back in the days girls, are still rock'in walls and trains. Members of RHG nowadays are ASEM, CHY and CHIKA. "Female Attack" wall part1 from 1995 and part2 from 2009.












KOZE IBMcrew mid 80'ties

If you call yourself a writer, then you should check out your grandpa. Legendary IBMcrew from NYC has a blog now with a short very interesting BIO and there looking out for old stuff of IBM too.  So here is my Contribution, KOZE 2 times, one with EMAD and a SAY piece, check the blog of one of the most influential crews in graff ever after the jump. (For a closer view, please click on the images)

KOZE, IBMcrew NYC mid 80'ties

KOZE and EMAD, IBMcrew NYC mid 80'ties

SAY , IBM crew NYC mid 80'ties


"Streets of Copenhagen Exibition" 2011 pictures..

BATES posted alot of nice Flix on his blog on 12oz, from the current show "Streets of Copenhagen" 2011.

Poet, Copenhagen 2011

Poet, Canvas 40x50cm, 2011
                        For more artworks from Bates, Great, Soten and me check Bates his blog

FISH BFMcrew pannels 1996

2 times FISH BFMcrew from East-Berlin in 1996...fishing in troubled waters.

FISH, Berlin Subway 1996

FISH, Berlin S-train 1996


6 sketches from STONE T2B-GFA from 1999

Here are some older sketches from my man STONE T2B-GFA , painted around the year 1999 in A3 size. Always creative, always experimenting, sometimes more, sometimes less looking for the perfect beat...more STONE on this blog here. Special thanks goes out to Adrian Nabi. (For a closer view, please click on the images)

NASTY by STONE Berlin 1999

LEGEND by STONE, Berlin 1999

STONE, Berlin 1999

STONE, Berlin 1999

STONE, Berlin 1999

WIZE by STONE, Berlin 1999


POET @ Streets of copenhagen exibition 2011

This were some of the Canvases I did in Copenhagen, for the current Exibition "Streets of Copenhagen", that is running till 19 of December 2011. I was invited by Niels Björndahl from the WelldoneDaphne Team for this show that is still running at the old Carlsberg factory. Check out what Niels wrote about me and my visit to Copenhagen on their blog here. I will post some more and better pics within the next weeks. ( for a closer view, please click on the images)


Kangol Ufo's, 2011

Nuclear assassin, 2011

SODER GPKcrew in 1989

SODER from GPK crew, Berlin in the year 1989 at the Eichkamp hall (nowadays Messe Süd), that was originaly founded by MORE (GFA-AGS-ESB).  SODER was a really talented guy at his time, he was always a calm, nice and a friendly guy, even when he was in real life a German Champion in material arts. But he sadly gave up on writing after he get stabbed bad with a knife two different times at the Writers corner. Check out more stuff of him here, here and here

SODER GPK, Berlin 1989 ( For a closer view, please click on the image)

some Berlin Street impressions from 1996

Here were some nice Streetshots from 1996, If you looking out for more great Berlin street-atmo pics check older post here and here. For a closer view of the published images, just click on them please.

LYTE, LEVEL and TOP10. Berlin 1996

3.ST , Berlin 1996

KRZ and RCB, Berlin 1996

GHS, Berlin 1996

GHS and RCB, Berlin 1996

AKUT, CORS and KREY, Berlin 1996