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SHEK started in the mid 80'ties and belongs to the first generation of Berlin Writers, his crews are TCF (The Comic Freezers or The City Famous) and 156crew. Together with his partner DANE and the rest of TCF (ROZE and SKONE), they became famous in West-Berlin around 1987 for nice mural productions on the Berlin wall. Back in the days you had mostly 2-3 good writers in every innercity district of West-Berlin. But honestly you could break it down, to mainly 2 groups of serious writers, one in the north and one in the south and TCF became around 1988, like a third force in the game. SHEK then became, alongside AMOK, to one of the keyfigures of carrying the Berlin Style History into the 90'ties. Over the Years he was a member of the following Berlin crews: TDT, SOS, GFA and ETS. He nowadays works as an Comic-strip artist and tattooist, but is still active from time to time. For a closer view of the images, please click on them.

Berlin wall painted by TCF, Berlin 1988
SHEK, Berlin wall 1988
SHEK in Bochum, eastern 1990
SHEK, Berlin S-train 1991
Shek, Berlin 1993
Shek, Berlin 1993
Victim, Berlin Subway 1992
RUSH by ESO, ASK by POET, SHEK, Berlin 1994
Koma by SHEK, Berlin wall 1994

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