LEVEL aka BIXBE (OCB-GHS) was one of the most notorious Berlin Bombers from the 90'ties. Many Writers count him in the Top 3 ever ranking of Berlin Bombers. He was really a master of Disaster. He was that kind of guy who was painting alone by himself alot of trains and mostly not talking, when he was around with others.
I also had once a short battle with him which he lost, where KANE (TPM) and ADRIAN where the Judges, but I also have to say that he was one of the best combatant I ever had.
The funny thing for me was then, since he didnt talked to others at all, I saw him one day on a TV show (called Supreme), where he performed freestyle Rap for about a hour nonstop without a break. (for a closer view of the images, please click on them)

LEVEL, Berlin Subway 1994

GHS , Berlin Subway 1995

Level, Berlin S-train 1994

ZCIB, Berlin Subway 1995

Bix, Berlin S-train 1995

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  1. sare aka poet73, hier darf ich also von einem battle lesen, welches ich nicht verloren habe.
    selbst heute, 20 jahren ohne übung, würde ich gewinnen.