Copenhagen line pieces in 1988 ...

Here were some more Copenhagen and of course Denmark Classic's from 1988. Rages and Suck by RENS and his Partner SEK24. A Rebels next to a fresh Smoke, a classical Style piece from ROMANCE, taken in the area of Ishoj. And Stone by RENS and Sone by REZEN in Hellerup. With the MASK piece iam not 100% sure, but i guess its also from Copenhagen. Two other post about Copenhagen Oldschool Stuff, that I did a while ago here and here . For a closer view of the published images, please just click on them as usually. Also peace out to Bates for the Infos of the locations.

Rages and Suck, Copenhagen 1988

Rebels, Copenhagen 1988

SMOKE, Copenhagen 1988

Stone and Sone, Copenhagen 1988

Mask, Air, Copenhagen 1988

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