Mitch2 (R.i.P) from Munich end 80'ties

Some pictures of Munich's MITCH2 (R.i.P), REBELZcrew from the Years 1987-89. The first piece is taken from the S-1 line in Berlin-Schöneberg, done in the first months of 1989. (Next to it, is the letter K from KAGE (GFA) together with a face). Mitch2 his piece stood there in Berlin for several years. The other pictures are all located in Munich and from around the year 1988. The last picture is an unfinished train I guess, for shure before 1988. For a closer view of the pictures, just click on them.

RONE BCAcrew train end90'ties

check out more RONE stuff here...
Rone, BCA ,Berlin end90'ties

SHEK TCF,156crew ...

SHEK started in the mid 80'ties and belongs to the first generation of Berlin Writers, his crews are TCF (The Comic Freezers or The City Famous) and 156crew. Together with his partner DANE and the rest of TCF (ROZE and SKONE), they became famous in West-Berlin around 1987 for nice mural productions on the Berlin wall. Back in the days you had mostly 2-3 good writers in every innercity district of West-Berlin. But honestly you could break it down, to mainly 2 groups of serious writers, one in the north and one in the south and TCF became around 1988, like a third force in the game. SHEK then became, alongside AMOK, to one of the keyfigures of carrying the Berlin Style History into the 90'ties. Over the Years he was a member of the following Berlin crews: TDT, SOS, GFA and ETS. He nowadays works as an Comic-strip artist and tattooist, but is still active from time to time. For a closer view of the images, please click on them.

Berlin wall painted by TCF, Berlin 1988
SHEK, Berlin wall 1988
SHEK in Bochum, eastern 1990
SHEK, Berlin S-train 1991
Shek, Berlin 1993
Shek, Berlin 1993
Victim, Berlin Subway 1992
RUSH by ESO, ASK by POET, SHEK, Berlin 1994
Koma by SHEK, Berlin wall 1994

Bitches for live train 1995

Bitches for live by 35ers, Berlin 1995

SCIT train Munich end80'ties

typical oldschool style with the space inbetween the letters, seems to have a comeback nowadays...

SCIT , Munich S-Train end 80'ties


The reporter Richard Thornburg from "Die hard"

The Berlin real life version of Richard Thornburg from the Die hard movies I + II, about Graffiti on the Berlin subwaystations and those criminal gang...


Psok pannel LOFDcrew 1998 ...

PSOK, LOFDcrew from Berlin, InterRegio 1998 (for a closer view,please click on the image)

SHEN, Cologne Oldschool 1988

In the year 1989 i met FUME from the city of Düsseldorf, MIK from Bochum and SHEN from Cologne in Berlin. Back then I was impressed by the stuff from SHEN, because i didnt know him or his pieces before. He had a fresh weird letter style, excellent spraycan skills and was able to do various character styles. He is, as i know so far, a real oldschool legend from Cologne. So i hope that i have taken the right pictures of him, because i had only copys with no info on the back, but all pictures must be before 1989. For a closer view just click on them.

Kold187 and Ultra, Subway Wholecar 1997

Kold187 and ULTRA, LOFD-BFMcrew, Berlin Subway 1997 For a closer view,please click on the image)

Spook stationpiece Dortmund 1989

During my first visits to the city of Dortmund in 1989, I saw alot of Names appearing, but one name always catched my attention (of course beside the name ISM). It is difficult to point out,why SPOOK catched my attention.
I guess its da sound and the name itself first, because his style was always pretty Oldschool or put it better "Europe 80'ties". But I think he had a kind of flavour of freshness, that makes me to remind of his pieces. check out more fresh SPOOK from Dortmund here, here, here and here.
SPOOK, Stationpiece Dortmund 1989 (for a closer view, please click on the image)

FLASH sketches from 1997

Iam happy to present you some sketches from FLASH, out of the year 1997, from one of my alltimes favorite writer from Berlin beside PHOS4.
FLASH (RMA-CMD-BMQ-GFA). He just has Style running throught his venous. From time to time, he still find time nowadays to paint a piece, when he is not touring around the world as an famous musician. For a closer view of the sketches, please click on them.

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997

FLASH, Berlin 1997


JASIT S-train 1994

Jasit by Jaset aka Jased (ESK, EastSideKings) belongs to the first real East-Berlin writers, that joined the game after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and that had Style in the early 90ties. Together with his oldpartner DISNE, they turned for many writers in East-berlin to legends from the 90'ties, also like SERCH aka SIR, CAFcrew and the LOFDcrew, they were the first big names and became kind of role models for the East-Berlin innercity writers.

JASIT by JASED; Berlin 1994

2 Amok Berlin classics 1988-89

2 nice Oldschool pieces from AMOK 156crew, the first one is from 1988 done on a playground in Kreuzberg and the second one is a unpublished Amok, taken in a backyard 1989 in Berlin-Schöneberg, that he has done on the roof of a subwaytunnel that is nearby Kurfürstenstrasse. (For a closer view, please click on the images)

Amok, Berlin 1988

Amok, Berlin 1989


DISZ ONE (156-FC-FBA) train, Berlin 1993

DISZ ONE (156-FC-FBA) is a Oldschool Writer from Holland(Dutch), who belongs to the first European Generation. He lived in Berlin several Years and is one of the Co-authors, of the first Berlin book about Writing called "Spraycity" from 1994. Beside that he is a writer, he is also a Photographer and a big Fan and Collector of "van Bode" items.
In the book SpraycanArt you can find him in the Intro story, where they ask about him: "What makes a man from the Hague, painting trains in New York?!.". Well, he was there and he painted some trains together with KASE2 (R.i.P.) and others like MIN and WEST. Probably he was the first European Writer who painted the surfaces of the New York Subway in the mid 80'ties.

During the work on the Spraycity book in 1993, we became closer contact and one day he said to me, that he wanted to paint a train in Berlin. First, I was thinking about if maybe it would be a problem for him to escape, if there is a raid in the Yard, because he was kind of a old man. But we, together with SOK (RCB-TFB) and Khan (GHS), then took him with us. Then in the Yard while painting, I think he was getting New York flashbacks, because he started to tell me that he likes to take a break and to lay down on the gras over there to smoke a cigarette and to deliberate about his Piece. I said to him: o.k. but after the cigarette you have to finish your piece so that we can leave the Yard, they are still workers running around on the other side of the train. After finishing the pieces, due to the workers we decided to take pictures later and catch the train, early on the line. But the end-to-end went never on the line, so we just walked inside the Buff, about 10 in the morning but we already came to late. Just D I S from DISZ was readable and the top of KHAN's piece on the left. The rest had already be buffed. They had some students to clean the train. The lady in red said: It looked really beautiful, like Art. Sad that we have to clean it bla bla bla...
Berlin 1993 (for a closer view, please click on the image)
So, DISZ decided to went on a second mission, with SOK and me....

DISZ ONE, Berlin 1993

PSYCHOS (DNS-BND) Wholecar 1997

Psychos by DNS-BNDcrew, Berlin 1997 (for closer a view,please click on the image)



LEVEL aka BIXBE (OCB-GHS) was one of the most notorious Berlin Bombers from the 90'ties. Many Writers count him in the Top 3 ever ranking of Berlin Bombers. He was really a master of Disaster. He was that kind of guy who was painting alone by himself alot of trains and mostly not talking, when he was around with others.
I also had once a short battle with him which he lost, where KANE (TPM) and ADRIAN where the Judges, but I also have to say that he was one of the best combatant I ever had.
The funny thing for me was then, since he didnt talked to others at all, I saw him one day on a TV show (called Supreme), where he performed freestyle Rap for about a hour nonstop without a break. (for a closer view of the images, please click on them)

LEVEL, Berlin Subway 1994

GHS , Berlin Subway 1995

Level, Berlin S-train 1994

ZCIB, Berlin Subway 1995

Bix, Berlin S-train 1995

ERWIN aka CALEB, Munich 1988

One of the names that I liked from Munich, in the end of the 80'ties was ERWIN. He was kind of different for me back then, his pieces always catched my attention. I think ERWIN was an alias of CALEB, who was a follower of LOOMIT... also nice are the tags down under the piece by BIZE (GSC) from Berlin and SKENA (TDS) from Hamburg.

ERWIN, Munich 1988 (for closer view, please click on the image)

ERWIN, Munich 1988 (for closer view, please click on the image)


DAIM made out of wood 1997

DAIM from Lüneburg, cutted out from a log of wood. 1997 (for a closer view, please click on the image)