TRICKZ R.i.P in 1988

This Picture must be taken in Munich in 1988, but iam not really sure anymore. Down under is, for me, a really beautiful TRICKZ piece. typical for that time, the significant Crome Angels (Paris-Amsterdam) influence that was dominating the european styles back in the 80'ties.
TRICKZ was representing the city of Lüdenscheid and was actually, as i can remember, more famous for his Breakdance skills instead for his pieces, I met him 2 times on Jams in Dortmund (that is nearby his hometown) in the early/mid 90'ties, where he was rockin the circle before we were getting drunk together.  You could easily feel that TRICKZ was a person, where the spirit of adventure gets together  with heart and soul .
B-Boy Trickz R.i.P.

TRICKZ, SCOPE, Munich? 1988 (for closer view, please click on the image)

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