Phobia and Migel in action 1999...

Phobia by Yasno /DC and Migel1 in action, Berlin 1999

4 times my man Migel 1-156,GFA,T2B,TGK- from 1988-89. The first three flicks were taken at the Lützowplatztunnel. All three pieces are from 1988 located at a smal underpass under a crossing that where opposite of Migel's house. It was not legal to paint there, but i can remember that nobody cares if you did so and you had to ask Migel for permission, before painting there. The fourth piece is from 1989 located at Hallesches tor Hall, that also dont exist anymore. For more check out Migel's Homepage with dope Berlin Styles after the jump.

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1989
                                                (for closer view, please click on the images)

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