Munich S-Trains in 1991

Here are some impressions from Munich in 1991. The good times on Munich trains seemed to be over, but two Names of the second generation of Munich Trainbombers were outstanding and try to carry the torch in 1991. HOT and CHEN  (IRAcrew) had alot of stuff running back then in 1991-93, mostly really effectiv simple style, easy to read but especially CHEN his pieces were for this time in 1991 one of the better trains from Germany, for me. More CHEN and HOT, here, here, here and here.
(Also Ces53 from Rotterdam was, before visiting Berlin, in Munich in 1991 and left alot of damage.)
A Year ago i was doin an Interview with an member of the legendary CLUB OF ROME from Munich, who are, i would say the first TrainKings from Germany in the 80'ties with legendary cars and till today one of the best kept german secrets, because even more then 20Years later they are only pictures and rumors about the crew and members. I asked him what happened to all these Munich trainbombers from the second generation because it seemed that alot of these Names from the early 90'ties disappeared on the trains 2-3 Years later and he explained sadly that the Munich VandalSquad had break-up the whole scene of the second generation of Munich trainbombers.
Also good to see the broad outline style back then, that was typical for West-Germany. It was an relict from the 80' ties, that was since 1989 already frowned upon in Berlin.

Munich S-train 1991

CHEN, Munich 1991

CHEN, Munich 1991

HOT. Munich 1991


character next to a Hot piece, i think?!, Munich 1991

ITEMS, Munich 1991

ZIER, Munich 1991
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