DEMO R.i.P. and KANT R.i.P....

Talking about Migel and the early days of him, I have to mention two names that are close related to the name Migel. One is NEAR (TGK), his old partner in crime, known for one of the best handstyles in Berlin ever and also the person who teached me how to do graff.
The other name is DEMO aka SHEAR, who was living nextdoor to Migel and also be a partner of him. Migel did alot of pieces with Demo in the early years. You could easily say that Migel had alot of influence stylewise in Berlin Schöneberg in the end of the 80'ties.
DEMO was sadly killed in an accident some years ago. Another guy that was among them and is now not anymore around us, was Kant1, who was friends with DEMO and MIGEL. KANT was a member of KSB crew but they all usually hang out or painted together.  We all know each other from School and also one of my very first pieces, i had done with DEMO and KANT together.
So the first 3 pictures are taken from the Berlin wall in winter 1988/89, were DEMO, KANT, MIGEL, NEAR and DEKO painted together.
the other 3 pictures were takin at Pallas house projekt also in the fall of 1988, where they had on every floor an closed corridor used as an fire exit,
R.i.P DEMO aka SHEAR and R.i.P. KANT

Demo , 30Kings, Berlin 1988/89

KANT ONE, KSBcrew, Berlin 1988/89

Giants by Migel and Rok, Berlin 1988/89

Shear at Pallas, Berlin end of 1988

Ner by Near at Pallas, Berlin end of 1988

Migel at pallas, Berlin end of 1988
                                      ( For closer view, please click on the images as ussual)

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