Berlin Flashbacks part 6

Found this on Streetfiles. Two pieces from spring 1990 on the S-1 trainline, under the Julius-Leber-Bridge, where i painted always on rainy days. It was also the pieces where i put up for the first time RCB tags, wich stood for RockCityBombers. The funny thing is I was the only one, it was propper not a real crew. So 3 weeks later i took SOK and a really young talented writer named RASTA down with RCB, the first members.
Around the same time another young kid from my neighborhood asked me, if i could teach him some handstyles. Back in the days, I bombed the name STARKID240 for a while, so i sad to him you are from now on KID240. 240 was a number that i created like an areacode. I tagged him a couple of papersheets with his new name for practising. Then some days later I asked him how its going with his Handstyles?!. He said he didnt could make effort, because a classmate from his school always took the sheets. He also wanted it to learn, So I said no problem, I do him a couple of sheets too. Next thing I know is that his classmate also wanted to wrote the 240 behind his name, so I said again no problem, but remember 240 is not a crew. Later i found out his classmate wrote EGOIST240, who 2 Years later changed his name into ESHER and teamed up with RASTA. RASTA was also the one , who asked me later if we could put ESHER down with RCB. ESHER carried the crew on another level, together with new members like LYTE. KID240 just changed to Kid and became later a member of T2Bcrew.

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